July 27, 2012

The Next Level

I have written about my ab work out in my beauty and fashion blog,  
http://joyousfashionandbeauty.blogspot.com days ago and because of that I get emails and messages as to where they can buy it. As I've said in the post, it's already out of stock. Then I met Eliz at McCormick Bread Spread Launch. Sa sobrang kadaldalan ko, ang dami na naming napag kwentuhan. I also shared with her this Envy Ab workout. I told her, I'd send the link to her. It took me awhile to email her, I just actually emailed her a few minutes ago.  Aba, ako'y na-surprise, Eliz took it to the next level by searching this ab workout. She sent me a better link, the video which helped me find "ang nawawalang abs"! Nawa ay makatulong din sa mga babaeng tulad ko - bata man o matanda; nanay man o dalaga.

Of course, as a warning, consult your doctors before plunging into any sports or exercise activity. Always start with warm up...

Eliz, thank you for sharing this link.


  1. I've started my zumba session at home last week,mwf,twas fun. Pls share me that link,too!

  2. I'm so excited to try this ;) thanks, joy!

  3. Itatry ko nga ito, thanks for sharing joy of my life! :-)

  4. Hon, Eliz and Jing, here's looking forward to seeing you with great abs. Kaya natin yan! Yes, to nanay power!

  5. naks! i am trying to do sit ups and acuhoop atleast once a day heheehehe pero minsan kakatamad ;P pero yeah goal ko yan bago ako magpa tattoo ;D

  6. Go go go sago! ako, malamang enjoy na din muna ang malaking tummy.. lol. seriously, sige, try ko nga.. hehe


Thank you for the joyful comments!