July 19, 2012

The Woman Behind Belle De Jour

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Photo Source: Dar's FB Page
Oftentimes people plan to have a life different from what they have at the moment. Such is the case of Darlyn Ty, the young woman behind the successful Belle De Jour Power Planner. After graduating from College, Dar (as lovingly called by people close to her and her BDJ family) all she wanted was to work in big companies, and she did. One day she just felt bored, tired or stressed all at the same time. She searched for a perfect planner that will help her organize everything that she needed, but to no avail. She then designed her own planner and the rest, as they say, is history. With the help of Dar's closest friends, Belle De Jour Power Planner made it big since then.  

Darlyn is not only passionate about fashion, she has the passion in helping our less fortunate brothers and sisters.

As young as she is, Dar has encouraged many young women (and not so young like me) to be fashionable, organize and live life to the fullest. Even with her booming business, Dar remains humble, kind and God-fearing.

To date, Dar is the the President and Managing Director of Belle De Jour. Their company, Viviamo, Inc., is proud of their 5 products,  namely BDJ Planner, Campus BDJ , Navi Journal, BDJ FMN, Dr. Mom Journal. 

Dear Dar,
You're an inspiration to many girls - young and old alike.
Happy Birthday! God bless you more.

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