July 26, 2012

TITANIA® - Leading European Manufacturer of Foot Care Products

We know for a fact that the feet are the hardest working parts of our bodies. What better way to give back to our feet is by pampering it thru footspa, foot massage and pedicure. Yesterday at Freyja Nail and Day Spa, German brand TITANIA®, the leading European manufacturer of foot care products, pampered Mom and Lifestyle Bloggers.

Titania's Manager, Joni Ong also shared do-it-yourself, helpful tips and techniques to give our feet the care they need to help restore its moisture, texture for strong, healthy, and attractive feet and nails as well (this I will post at www.joyousfashionandbeauty.blogspot.com)

Titania has been in the Philippine market for 10 years now. All products are available in most major malls.

TITANIA Foot Creams:

Peeling Cream - Made of grounded walnut shells that are effectively and gently remove rough skin particles. Use after scrubbing your feet with a foot file or pumice sponge.

Cracked Heel Balm - Specially formulated to heal dry, rough feet. Contains moisturizing lanolin and chestnut.

Deodorant Cream - Anti-bacterial cream that kills odor-causing bacteria. It also reduces the sweat glands to help keep your feet fresh all day.  

Callus Reduction Cream - Contains salicylic acid that helps reduce thick calluses. Regular use can also prevent calluses. It also has corn starch to keep your feet smooth and soft.  

Softening Lotion - Enriched with moisturizers, this provides intensive care for your feet. Highly absorbent and non-greasy.

Hand Feet Pumice Sponge

Soft  Touch Cuticle Cutter and Pusher

Mini Pumice Sponge

(View more photos HERE)

For more information about Titania’s Soft Touch line for women, please “like” Titania PH on Facebook (www.facebook.com/TitaniaPH) or follow @Titania_PH on Twitter.  Titania’s Soft Touch line is available in all leading department stores nationwide and its products include the nail cutter, cuticle nipper, corn cutter, cuticle cutter and pusher, and three different kinds of foot files to suit your needs.

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