July 25, 2012

Villa Del Conte's First Grade Chocolates

My 39th birthday was a quiet one compared to last years. Receiving gifts is always welcome but I  prefer food as present. I  was happy to receive a goody bag, containing first grade chocolates from Villa Del Conte.

Villa Del Conte have been making handcrafted chocolates for 75 years now. Their factory is in Villa Del Conte, Padova, Italy; hence the name of this fine quality chocolates.

Villa Del Conte's First Grade Chocolates is a great gift for friends and loved ones with discriminating taste. The receiver will surely appreciate the effort of the giver.

  Villa Del Conte's packaging alone suggests class.

And when you open the box, different shapes and sizes of  this premium chocolates welcome ones sweet tooth.

Villa Del Conte is located at the 3rd Floor of  Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Shaw Blvd.,  Mandaluyong City, Philippines

+632 8932575 or +632 6216101

Juan was not able to resist the temptation of having the first bite. I told him, "hey, that's my birthday gift!". He cleverly answered, "It's okay, Mom, I'll taste it for you if its yummy".


  1. Yes, Jingle and Bunzz, Juan is very sweet and smart. Kaya minsan nag aaway kami, kasi pwede ba namang mas magaling sya sa nanay nya. hahaha. Thanks for dropping by here, guys.

  2. Belated sis! More happy birthdays to come, I'm sure you had a blast!

  3. awww! you're so clever Juan! Love you and miss you Juan!
    Send us here some please, hihi!

    1. Naku, Juan misses you din. kelan daw tayo ulit aalis.

  4. BTW, Wow to the last pic! Nice!


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