July 20, 2012

WHD Healing Mat

I always make it a point to try anything about health and all its gadgets. At the DOST-NICE event a week ago, WHD Healing Mat caught my attention so I asked my son to try it.

WHD Healing Mat is a 12x12 inches rubber with 400 hundred studs in different heights and 20 magnets. It is a key to activate the Natural Self Healing Power of the human body. This is much like the slippers I bought in a Chinese store in China many years ago but without the magnets. 

The inventor of this healing Mat, Mr. Dalmacio B. Muring believes in the natural healing power of the human body provided by God. He made examples when there were no doctors or medicines long ago. Yet, people had healthy bodies and long lives because they used to walk barefoot on the ground, on stones and grasses.

His instruction is if you are stressed or ill with whatever sickness, just walk on the WHD Healing Mat for 30 minutes daily and you'll feel an amazing results.

For more infos on WHD Healing Mat visit:  http://www.whdhealingmat.com/

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  1. i always advocated holistic treatment, too.

    bloghopping here, joy.


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