August 7, 2012

Anti-Dengue Products from Stanhome

We almost spent Christmas eve at the hospital when my husband had Dengue 6 years ago.  Since then I have been very watchful and careful, making sure that my family - especially our kids, is protected from Dengue. 

It used to be that Dengue carrying mosquitoes (Aedes aegypti) bite only at daytime. Now there is a mosquito known to bite during nighttime  (Aedes albopictus). To protect my family I buy products that repels mosquitoes and other insects. Citronella has a scent that certainly is hated by mosquitoes. With this in mind, I am always on the look for anti-dengue products. 

Featuring today 2 Anti-Dengue Products from Stanhome. First, STANHOME Stan-wick Citronella, a Home Deodorizer that emits a clean and fresh Citronella scent that welcomes your guests and rejects the pests. 

Normally, my kids would say Citronella smells bad. But for Stan-Wick they actually sleep better because, as my son Rafael said it, it smells like the toothpaste that our dentist gave us. 

Easy directions for use:  1. Shake well  2. Untwist and lift the cap to pull up the wick. Extend wick up to preferred height and leave it exposed  3. T refresh the scent, simply push back the cap and repeat steps 1 and 2.

My family loves going to places hidden from the many - these are mostly places of nature. It is best we protect the skin with oil or gel products that shoo away mosquitoes. 

STANHOME Insect Repellent Gel creates a protective barrier on the skin, repelling insects and mosquitoes for at least 7.5 hours. What's best about this products? It’s dermatologically-tested, and is safe enough to be applied on one’s face.

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