August 10, 2012

Bayani Ang Tatay Ko Movie Screening

My friends and I and our respective families stormed SM North Edsa despite heavy rains last August 5 to support the first ever movie of our friend - Jing Javier.

More than the movie itself, we enjoyed the night because it's always our joy to meet and have endless talk and laugh. Good thing we occupied the lower level, otherwise the casts and crew of this movie would be very annoyed by our kakulitan and tawanan.

Aga Mulach (along with her daughter) and Cesar Montano (along with Sunshine and their kids) supported their friend, Bayani Agbayani.

Jenny, as always, was successful to have her photo taken with Aga. The rest of us - we settled with just a glimpse of Aga and Cesar. Kuddos to you, Jen, and thanks for the photos above.

Bayani Ang Tatay Ko is an indie film about life and struggles of a policeman. Actor-comedian and host Bayani Agbayani plays SPO3 Nicanor Corpuz , a decorated cop, loving dad and husband to his wife Susan played by Yayo Aguila, and son, Adrian played by child actor Yogo Singh. They live a simple, happy life until an incident took their lives on a different turn. One morning while in the police detachment where he is working, Taning played by Rommel Montano, a toughie from an influential family came looking for his colleague, SPO1 Joey Ponce. Ponce apparently shut down his illegal “videokarera” business and refused to accept a bribe, making the latter furious. Taning was scandalizing the station so he took a policewoman, SPO2 Pinky Madrigal hostage prompting Nick to defend his colleague.

Joining the lead stars are actor/model and ex-PBB housemate, Johann Santos, Ms. Jet Claveria, Butch Elizalde, Pinoy T.A.L.K. host Paul Quimbo, Ms. Jing Javier and Paulo Ponce and is under the helm of Ellen Argano.  


  1. Waah! Ang saya-saya ng super Fs! I wonder if I can watch this movie. San ba showing to?

  2. movie for the whole family talaga!!

  3. Thanks for this very special post my dear, happy to see the Super Fs , full support talaga with families pa! Ang saya-saya! ;)

  4. ang saya! i will make a separate post too. I love this event talaga, at and kulet lang sa baba ha.. hahaha. kung bakit ba naman napahiwalay tayo sa mga celebrities. hehe.. sinadya yun ng tadhana kasi ma di-distract ang lahat kung nasa taas tayo. :)

    1. You're right, buti malayo tayo sa kanila. Kundi ma-a-out-of place sila

  5. walang ng sasaya pa anjan yong may natutulog :)mahimbimg ang tulog tawanan kulitan at halakhakan;


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