August 15, 2012

Sugar Mommy

Juan is one cheerful son who always makes me happy. In the morning when I rush to finish their pack food and other stuff, Juan greets me, "Goodmorning my beautiful and sexy Mommy!". Other times he'd say, "Goodmorning my gorgeous Mother!".

Today, upon arriving from school: 

Juan: Hello, sugar Mommy!
Me: I don't like your greetings for me. It does not make me happy.
Juan: Why, it's nice naman.
Me: No, it's not.   (syempre di pa naman alam ni Juan ang exact meaning ng sugar mommy)
Juan: It's nice.
Me: It's not?
Juan: It is. 
Me: How come?
Juan: Diba, you're my Mommy...and you're sweet to me, that's why I call you sugar mommy, because you're a sweet Mommy.
Me: Just call me sweet Mommy na lang, it sounds better than sugar mommy (di patatalo ang nanay syempre).
Juan: Okay, I'll just call you candy mommy na lang, kasi it's sweet also. (di pa rin pala patatalo si Juan).

Sugar Mommy is defined as an older woman who provides for younger boys/men or the event in which there is a role reversal between the financial duties of a boyfriend and girlfriend.


  1. hahaha! Kulit! payag na kasi.. sugar Mommy..hehehe

  2. cute, hahaha.. kaloka.. ikaw naman kasi mommy joy eh.. sweet nga naman eh. panalo ka Juan! :))

  3. Hahaha, you know what mommy? baby juan has a point! So innocent, ang sarap panggigilan haha. I want to have my own baby juan too, but hoping he won't call me sugar mommy lol

    1. naku, dapat ikaw ang tawagin ni juan na sugar mommy, lol.

  4. hahaha! It's alright to be called sugar mommy sis as long as you don't actually hold that title in real life. hahaha! just kidding! cute and smart kid you've got!

    1. it's an innocent remark from my son, pero ang sakit sa tenga, e di lalo pa siguro sa totoong buhay.


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