August 14, 2012

Urban Bazaar 2012

Fashion-savvy urbanites, rejoice! The long-awaited Urban Bazaar 2012 is back with exciting offerings of chic trends styled by the coolest fashion bloggers in town.

The popular Power Plant Mall event will make the Rockwell Tent come alive on the weekend of August 17-19 when blogger superstars Laureen Uy of, Camille Co of, Dominique Tiu of, Vern Enciso of, Cheyser Pedregosa of and Ava Te of walk their talk, fashion-wise.

Here’s the deal. These fashion-forward femmes will each create their distinct fashion styles from the merchandise sold at the Urban Bazaar on August 17. The stylized outfits will then be displayed onsite throughout the Blogger Weekend. Shoppers get the chance to win their favourite look via a raffle.
The entrance fee entitles each shopper to one raffle stub which they can drop in a bin intended for the different fashion looks. If their name gets picked from the bin where they dropped their stub, they win the total fashion package. Students get a 50% discount on the entrance fee just by showing their school ID.

Among the bazaar participants are popular shoe lines CMG and So!Fab, e-boutique CoExist (by Camille Co) and Stylebreak (by Laureen Uy). Race car driver and designer extraordinaire Mark Bumgarner will also showcase the latest fashion from his fashion line, Cocobum.
Boys will have fun at Urban Bazaar as much as the girls. There’s a men’s lounge featuring Toys for the Boys where the gents can play games on Playstation 3 and Xbox for free, courtesy of Datablitz

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