August 8, 2012

Water for Health

It is always an honor and privilege to talk with seasoned ladies, for we get to learn a lot from them. At The Peppery opening, I met the grand matriarch of the owners of this Asian restaurant.  Meet Ms. Flordeliza Santos.   

I was amazed to learn that she's already 74. I told her immediately that she does not look her age. Her skin is not dry compared to other women her age. She still travels and enjoy commuting by herself from time to time. She let me in on her not so secret health tips and how she started the habit...

At age 51, Ms. Santos was diagnosed with high uric acid. She then researched and read books on how to cleanse and lower the uric acid. Drinking water was the only solution she found. From then on she drinks 2 liters of room temperature water. She drinks a glass or two upon waking up. After breakfast, before lunch, after lunch, before snacking, before dinner, after dinner, and until she consumes the 2 liters of water she religiously prepare upon waking up.

DISCLAIMER: The above health practice works for Ms. Flordeliza Santos. Research or consult your doctor before practicing the same.

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  1. WOW! totoo nga, she doesn't look her age. But wait til you meet arnold's mom, i think she's already 80 something but still manage to go to different places like divisoria & sm cubao (coming from Marikina) alone. sana ganun din ako pagtanda ko...


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