September 30, 2012

Minute To Win It

My children like watching Minute to Win It while waiting for their school bus to arrive. Minute to Win It is a game show where contestants must finish a task within 60-second using objects found commonly around the house. 

Every now and then, especially Sunday, we have our own Minute to Win It episode at home which makes doing our household chores fun and fast. Here's one of our many versions of Minute to Win It:

Try it with your kids, it's so fun that my children do not get tired while helping me around the house. Just make sure if they finish the task in a minute you're ready with the prize that you promise to give.

(Buti na lang di natapos ni Juan, kundi one thousand pesos din yun, har!har!har!)

September 27, 2012

UNICEF Auction for Action

Watch out and bid for one-of-a-kind pieces from notable Filipino artists and designers and help make a difference for children.  In celebration of the 20th year of National Children’s Month, UNICEF Philippines presents UNICEF Auction for Action for the second time, an online auction to benefit children in the Philippines and worldwide. 

Auction for Action is an online auction to benefit children in the Philippines and worldwide. 
UNICEF Auction for Action goes live at 6 p.m. on eBay Philippines on October 1. 

Participating artists:
Manuel Baldemor, Otep  Bañez, Elmer Borlongan, Gregory Halili, Raymond Legaspi, Popo San Pascual, Baby Valencia, Bernard Vista, Willibald Zeck

Galerie Joaquin Gallery: 
Aldrino Abes, Jovan Benito, Vincent de Pio, Jomar Delluba, Hamzah Marbella, Mario Parial, Dominic Rubio, Juvenal Sanso, Lydia Velasco

Exhibition Center for Contemporary Arts:
Remy Boquiren, Antonio Daleon, Adler Llagas, Jun Martinez, Nemy Miranda, Jun Morondez, Ranino Quinto

Art Circle Gallery:
Eberle Catampongan, Rico Doronio, Anthony Geduspan, Joel Mahilum

Filipino Portrait Artists Guild, Inc.: 
Don Artificio, Angelito Balmes, Carlos “Cee” Cadid, Romy Carlos, Ben Infante, Norlie Meimban, Felix Jesus “Ely” Meimban IV, Jonahmar Salbosa

Secret Fresh Gallery:
Dex Fernandez aka Garapata Man, Kawayantech, Epjey Pacheco, Paolo Vinluan, JJ Zamorano, Whoop

Michael Cacnio, Seb Chua, Daniel dela Cruz, Pete Jimenez, Ramon Orlina, Agi Pagkatipunan, Isabel Roxas

Furniture & Home Accessories:
Kenneth Cobonpue, Heima Store, Debbie Palao, Ito Kish, Daphne Oseña Paez, Luisa Robinson, Danny Rayos del Sol, Vito Selma

Jewelry & Fashion Accessories:
Accessory Lab, Amina Aranaz, Kristine Dee, Janina Dizon, Jewelmer, Joyce Makitalo, Paul Syjuco, Nicole Whisenhunt

Visit for more details. 

September 26, 2012

From Fashion to Passion to Small Business

Coming from covering 2 events yesterday, Titania and Contractubex, my husband informed me of a package that arrived. I like giving gifts to friends and loved ones, syempre naman masarap ding tumanggap! The package contained two beautiful sets of accessories from my friend.

Let me tell you a background about my friend. Jean studied BS Accountancy at University of Luzon, Dagupan City and finished Masteral in Jose Rizal University. She worked for companies, namely, Landbank,  Staff Alliance and  Rustans. When she was working for Rustans, she had the liking for fashion, specifically for jewelries and accessories. When she got pregnant with her second son (my inaanak) she decided to be a full time mom, while learning the ropes of stock trading business. To kill time, she enrolled in bead and jewelry making class. She'd then make for friends and loved ones as gifts. Long story short, her liking for accessories turned from fashion to passion to small business. Di ba naman ang galing! 

A peek of some of Jean's works:

Jean is the one with long hair

To view more of MAJ Beadness creations, to order or simply inquire, click  HERE

September 25, 2012

Titania’s Made for Men and Chef Sau del Rosario

Earlier today at Cafe 1771, Titania - the German brand of high-quality nail, hand and feet care products, introduced to select Media and Bloggers Titania’s Made for Men line .

Most men would admit that their idea of nail-care is limited to the requisite weekly trimming. But for men whose lifestyles require them to work with their hands day in and day out, keeping their nails neat and tidy is a reflection of personal hygiene and professionalism. This brought me back to my younger years and remembered my father.  He never allowed us to have long fingernails. He'd always remind us to maintain our nails short and clean to keep the dirt and germs away.  Papa always had clean nails so whenever someone plan to court me when I was in my teens, I'd always check their fingernails. Dirty nails was (and still is) a big turn off for me.  

Good news for all the men out there, Titania addresses this need through its Made for Men line – a suite of nail-care and grooming tools made especially for men. The products in the lineup feature masculine design and unique details, such as an ergonomic shape and Soft Touch coating for anti-slip and precise cutting. Among them are the Softtouch Sapphire Nail, Softtouch Cuticle Nipper, Softtouch Nail Clipper, and a Manicure Set with 4 instruments (tweezer, nail cutter, cuticle nipper and nail file).

Titania also recognizes an individual who represents this “handy” lifestyle in the person of celebrity Chef Sau del Rosario, who is now the Made for Men line’s brand ambassador. Chef Sau knows too well how important grooming is to his fruitful career. The French-trained chef has worked in restaurants and kitchens of noted hotels all over the world.  Locally, he has had a hand at the success of such restaurants as M Café, Chelsea, Madison Grill, Le Bistro Vert, Toro and his very own Villa Cafe.

(View more photos HERE)

“I work with my hands a lot as a chef and I can very well say they’re the most important tools of my trade. I have to make it a point that my nails are neat, tidy, and cared for as well, not only to be able to cook hygienically, but also to present myself well professionally,” says Chef Sau. “Titania’s Made for Men line ensures that my nails are always in excellent condition,” he adds.


·        Nail care and grooming tools made especially for men
·        Masculine design
·        With unique Soft Touch coating, making them anti-slip
·        Ergonomically shaped for easier and more precise cutting
·        Quality products made in Solingen, Germany 


1.  Softtouch Sapphire Nail File
     SRP P143.75
           ·        Elastic chrome-plated Solingen spring steel nail file
·        Ergonomically formed anti-slip Softtouch handle
·        Coated with fine micro sapphire dust in two grain sizes – fine and coarse
·        Prevents nails from ripping and fraying

2.  Softtouch Nail Nipper
     SRP P529.75

·        Secure and safe grip c/o the Softtouch coating
·        Guarantees even and gentle nail cutting due to high-precision ground cutting edges
·        Especially made for mens’ strong and hard nails
3.  Softtouch Nail Clipper
     SRP P199.75
·        Secure and safe grip c/o the Softtouch coating
  •        Guarantees even and gentle nail cutting due    to high-precision ground  
  cutting edges

 4.  Manicure Set with 4 Instruments
     SRP P959.75
·        Contains one small nail clipper with a small nail file;
·        One cuticle scissors and one tweezer
·        Smart folding etui in black leather optic  

Titania Made for Men products are made in Solingen, Germany and are available at Watsons and all leading department stores nationwide. For more information about Titania’s Made for Men line, please “like” Titania PH on Facebook ( or follow @Titania_PH on Twitter. 

The Move On Club Press Launch

Just got home from an event I was wondering all along. The electronic invite confused me from 2 previous events I covered. Upon entrance to the venue, I saw the sign Contractubex. I am fairly familiar of the brand since I have been a user since year 2000 (the long story, maybe I'll write about it next time).

It was nice to see Contractubex Ambassadress, the beautiful and brainy - Maricar Reyes. 

To learn more about Contractubex, posting here the Press Release:

Contractubex: Helping You Move On to a Brand New You

Truth: No one is spared from getting scarred.

No matter how poised we are, life throws us instances that make us fall and slip – even while in our sturdiest stilettos! The scars we earn from these experiences become constant reminders of past mistakes, or things to avoid. Yet in spite of the lesson behind it, a scar is a scar – a blemish, a flaw, an imperfection. 

Are you really ok with having that scar forever?

Having that mark on your skin practically screams, “You are not perfect,” especially if you got your scar from an accident.  While there may be lessons to be learned from this type of scars, there is no sense in dwelling on the past. Worrying about the effects of old wounds can make you feel self-conscious and restricted. It may not seem like a big deal at first, but think about it: Will you always be confined to choosing long-sleeves over sleeveless tops, pants over shorts, or heaven forbid, a t-shirt over a bikini? Would you skip beach trips or cocktail parties just because you need to cover up? How long will you hide behind your scars? 

Different types of scars:

Raised or hypertrophic scar – forms after the healing of the wound and is caused by overproduction of connective tissue fibers; tends to bulge and protrude above level of surrounding skin

Keloid – grows beyond the original wound edges

Don’t let your scars hold you back. Like a trusty girlfriend, you need something to help you get out of that rut and back on track. Contractubex is a clinically proven treatment that combines the triple action of Cepae Extract, Heparin and Allantoin to help reduce the appearance of these unsightly marks on your skin.

What sets Contractubex apart from other silicone-based scar treatments is that its ingredients help reduce inflammation and prevent excessive scar formation. Its water-soluble ointment base allows active ingredients to penetrate into deeper layers of the skin.

1. Cepae Extract
 - obtained from onions
- has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effect
- reduces swelling and prevents excessive growth of connective tissue

2.    Heparin
        - loosens the tissue structure
        -has anti-inflammatory effect
        - hydrates scar tissue

3. Allantoin
- encourages wound healing
- has a soothing effect

Contractubex comes in a gel form that makes for its easy application on the skin. Just rub Contractubex on the affected area 3-4 times a day or as prescribed by your doctor.  Results may be seen after at least 3 months of use. You’ll know that Contractubex is working when you notice a reduction in redness, relief of tension and less itching on the scar area. Contractubex works best when applied as soon as the wound has closed and when the scar is still fresh.

Remember, patience is key! Scars take time to heal, but your consistent application of Contractubex will pay off in the end. Soon, you’ll be free from all those unwanted scars of the past, and on your way to a more confident, flawless and happier you! Don’t let those scars keep you from living life to the fullest. Move on and move forward – with Contractubex!


Janice Lagman is a twenty-five year old nurse and taekwondo national athlete from Quezon City. After undergoing surgery on her right knee in 2010, she was left with a scar from the operation. Since that time, she thought she would always feel self-conscious wearing anything that revealed that mark on her leg. Her surgeon, Dr. Marc Castro, gave her samples of Contractubex, and instructed her to apply it twice a day. Janice used the product for two months, and was extremely satisfied with the results. She has now updated her wardrobe with numerous skirts and short dresses, thanks to Contractubex.

Emie Miranda hails from Cebu City. After experiencing a vehicular accident in 2007, she obtained a wound that required 21 sutures. While Emie bravely survived the experience, she thought the scars on her face would always remind her of that incident. Her surgeon recommended Contractubex to help treat her scars post-surgery, and since 2007, she has been a satisfied Contractubex user. Emie is now free from those scars, and in spite of that traumatic experience years ago, she now faces life with a new sense of strength and confidence.

Laarni Burgos is a mother from Santiago, Isabela. The scars on her stomach were a result of an appendectomy and two Caesarian operations. Back when her scars were still visible, she used to avoid wearing skin-revealing outfits such as swimsuits. She has been a Contractubex user since 1995, and is now currently scar-free and very happy! She also claims that since she can now dress without restriction, she is able to experience more bonding activities with her son like swimming and spending time on the beach.

Maricar got her scar from a movie shooting and mine from a dog bite (ouch!)

(View more photos HERE)

September 24, 2012


Dell Philippines, in its effort to give back to the community and share the spirit of volunteerism, recently conducted a feeding program for the street children of Childhope Asia at the Gazebo 1 of Quezon Memorial Circle.

Dell team members, including Dell Philippines president Richard Teo (center), and the street children from Blumentritt and Monumento area shared moments of fun and laughter with dance and interactive games with prizes. The activity was capped off with a delightful and scrumptious lunch at a restaurant.

BDJ Fair 2012

Join BDJ’s woman empowerment-themed festivities and booths,  with various activities and talks from coaching experts, bloggers and celebrities on October 14. 2012 at Mall of Asia.

To top it all off, BDJ dedicated 100% percent of the fair’s activity proceeds to helping Rocked Philippines find alternative ways of education, and to helping SKR assist Romblon schoolchildren get to school.

You can get almost 20% off on your BDJ Planner! All BDJ Fair attendees can buy the 2013 BDJ Power Planner for only Php480! 

PLUS GET A CHANCE TO WIN Free BDJ 2013 Power Planners and many more special prizes from our lifestyle brands! TO WIN! --- Play an active role in the fair’s festivities. Pre-register in any of the following activities below. Please note each activity is limited to certain number of slots =) First come first served.

10:00AM-11:30AM Kick-Ass Krav Maga (50pax)
Unleash that Strong Bella inside you as you learn self-defense techniques from the expert coaches at IKMF-Philippines. Be proud and confident in the knowledge that you can protect yourself!
1:00PM-2:30PM Life Lessons (200pax)
PJ Lanot will get you all charged up and raring to go as he guides you toward the self-realization that the Power is in you all along! Fitz Villafuerte from the Ready To Be Rich blog shares with us why we need to start planning for our future now.
3:00PM-4:30PM Bloggers Extraordinaire (200pax)
Listen in as Tricia Gosingtian discusses how she has kept her blog current and relevant amidst the constant changes of the blogging world; while Patty Laurel talks about her love for travel and her lifelong goal of visiting a new destination for every year she’s on this earth.
5:00PM-6:30PM Beauty Bootcamp (200pax)
Know the essentials of Georgina Wilson’s skin care routine as she shares how she keeps her skin fresh and glowing all day. Makeup guru Barbi Chan teaches us the basic items we need for our kikay kits and demonstrates how to use them.
7:00PM-8:30PM Fierce Fashion! (200 pax)
Watch as BDJ Girls sashay down the runway in stylish outfits from SM GTW, Ladies Wear and Parisian. Learn from stylist extraordinaire, Donna Cuna-Pita as she talks about the ways you can infuse fun, bright colors into your everyday work staples.
BE A SUPERMODEL: Strut your Sexy Self! (24pax)
Walk the runway in styles that  are bold, daring and fun! Be part of the 24 models for the BDJ 2012 Fashion Show showcasing the trendiest ensembles from SM GTW and SM Ladies Wear. You must submit a full body photo wearing fitted clothes with your vital statistics(bust, waist and hips size), height, weight, and contact no. Please send by October 3. We will pre-select models for a go-see on October 6.

To participate, email with the following details:

Email Address
Activities/Talks to Join:
1. Top Choice -
2. 2nd Choice -
3. 3rd Choice -

September 23, 2012

The Great Brazilian Madness

September is almost over and before you know it's December already.  Of course, we all  knowthat December is synonymous to Christmas and Christmas is synonymous to gift giving. To avoid rush shopping, traffic and everything that comes with the holidays, why not take advantage of the Great Brazilian Madness. This is happening on September 24 to 26, 2012 at Trinoma Mall.

Below are photos of last year's The Great Brazilian Madness at Glorietta where awesome flipflops and shoes were at a bargain price. I heard this upcoming Great Brazilian Madness is way nicer where you can buy 2 slippers  for as low as P400. Other items are at sale for the price of P550, P600 and P700 for 2 pairs.

September 21, 2012

Noodles All You Want

Unlimited birthday noodles at P79, even if it's not your birthday? Wow, this is an awesome treat for noodle lovers out there.

This is available all day, weekdays only, at all Super Bowl of China.

Pa-canton na ang mga dapat magpa-canton.

Work With The Best

Hoping to live the good life? Join Ayala Land as they offer  job  opportunities  that is both fun and rewarding so that success comes easy.

What:    Ayala Land Sales Recruitment Event
When:  September 24, 2012 (10am – 8pm)
Where: Glorietta Activity Center
Job/Position Opening:  Sales Career with Ayala Land, Inc.

If you are:

Graduate of any 4 year course or about to graduate – pending to graduation ceremony (Advance Hiring) Undergraduate (must have finished at least 84 academic units), Preferably with sales background, strong interpersonal skills, engaging and ability to establish rapport, interactive, highly motivated, goal oriented, a team player,  average – AA communication skills, can relay ideas clearly, average thought organization,  assertive, amenability to Sales Activities such as: Booth Manning, flyering, working on extended hours, leads saturation, and networking.

The Perks and Benefits in joining Ayala Land, Inc.:

Sales has unlimited earning potential, reliable organization and system, flexible schedule, financially rewarding career, enjoy generous commission, a monthly operating fund or allowance, other cash 
incentives on a monthly and quarterly basis, all expense local and international trips, get gadgets, entertainment showcase, and cars.

For more details on this event:

 call:  02-7594064/0915-2993189

Who Wants To Be A Mistress?

Yesterday I watched John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo's movie, The Mistress, with my friends Lyn, Bedz and Lani at Greenbelt.

Photo Source: Karen Herrera

The movie's delicate tone created so much buzz (not just here in the Philippines but also abroad) that I mapped it in my calender as a movie to catch.

Let me start with the movie's final scene. I like that the director gave it an ending that leaves the movie going public's imagination working - the chance to think whether the two main characters will be together or not. 

I am not a John Lloyd fan. I don't find him handsome but this actor can really act for sure, though he looks a bit chubby on this movie. Originally, John Lloyd's character was intended for Derek Ramsey  since he switched to TV5, it was given to JLC. Derek Ramsey would definitely look better physically on screen but JLC can act better, so there JLC got my vote.

Bea gave justice to her character.  She played a loving and giving daughter, granddaughter, sister, and an obedient mistress.  She looks very pretty and slimmer now on screen than she used to. I like the blouses she wore, were those Kashieca?

Hilda Coronel's subtle but convincing act as a wife who continuously forgives his philandering husband the chance over and over made me remember why my late mother liked her so much.

Ronaldo Valdez is still as good looking albeit the grey hair. Effortless acting from him, magaling pa din as ever.

Although the movie's running time is 2 hours and 5 minutes, I felt there are better scenes worth including like a short scene how Ronaldo and Bea met.  

Many said this is a tear jerking movie so I got ready with a hankerchief but honestly I felt no sadness. I almost cried though in the scene where Ronaldo and John Lloyd were talking for the last time, if not for the two women giggling tirelessly. I hope in the future there will be  seats  where noisy and texting people will be ejected automatically. 

The scene where Bea said, "walang babaeng pinangarap maging kerida", is true because by being a mistress, a woman will be treated  badly - looked down and be embarrassed in the public and will be forever  tagged a home wrecker. Who wants to be a mistress? No  one, of course.  Pero minsan ang buhay ay talaga namang masalimuot, di mo alam kung saan ka dadalhin ng panahon at ng pagkakataon. 

Lagi na lang sanang tatandaan, ang mali ay mali - ang tama ay tama. Wag ng ipagpilitan pa ang mga bagay na di naman naayon sa tama at mabuting daan (I sound like a religious leader, lol!). 


September 19, 2012

September 15, 2012


Meralco recently launched the MeralcO Virtual Engine (MOVE), a free app suite designed for Filipinos with six apps that provide round-the-clock access to the electric company’s services through smart phones or tablets.

Seeing that most of its customers are often online, Meralco wanted to offer assistance right where they spend much of their time. The MOVE apps provide Meralco customers with different benefits to bring ease and convenience in managing their electricity concerns:

1. Apps that offer location help
a. Meralco Office Directory –You can find the nearest Meralco office in your area
b. Bayad Center – Find out where you can conveniently pay your Meralco bill
2. Apps for consumption control
a. Meralco Appliance Calculator- Easily compute the amount of electricity an appliance consumes
b. Bright Ideas – Learn better ways to use and save on electricity
3. Apps that help in planning ahead
a. Power Maintenance Schedule- Stay up to date on the power maintenance schedule in your area
b. E-Meralco bill –View your latest bill even when you’re on the go

Additional apps are also in the works. The MeralcO Virtual Engine is free and downloadable from the Apple AppStore, Google Play, and Blackberry App World. For details, check, like Meralco on Facebook, or follow @meralco on Twitter.

View more photos HERE

September 14, 2012

Work Becomes Easy and Fun

In this age where connecting to loved ones is just a click away, receiving a letter or a card via snail mail means a lot to the receiver. But let's face it, it takes effort. I, for example, rarely go to the post office. I probably visit this place 3 or 4 times a year to send Christmas cards to friends and relatives abroad.  

Every time I go at Mandaluyong Post Office, I make it a point to check the faces of the post office personnel before lining up for I know who's nice and who's not among all of them. As always, I lined up at the counter with the lady wearing glasses. Whenever I see her, she seems so calm and patient with queries from mailers. She does not make faces and she talks softly and respectfully. 

Yesterday, because there weren't too many people, I asked her if I can take her photo. I explained that I wanted to write how she gives justice to her job.  She didn't want to at first. With much explanation and persuasion, she gave in, at last! 

Meet Ms. Charito Bitanga, Chat in short. She is a mother of 6. She's been working in post office for the last  decade.  

I asked how she manages to not be "masungit" and cranky. She simply said, "trabaho ko ito kaya pinagbubuti ko". 

Clearly, when a person gives much of herself or himself to the job he or she is assigned, work becomes easy and fun.

I hope more people in Post Office, not just in Mandaluyong will be like her - appreciative of her job and kind to customers.

I hope Mayor Benhur Abalos will give recognition to public servants like Ms. Chat. Mabuhay ka Ma'am!  At nawa ay dumami pa ang tulad mo sa Tanggapan ng Koreo. 

Lancel's Fall/Winter Collection 2012-2013

Lancel has been the premier name in handbags and luggage  for 135 years, it embodies the Parisian spirit while taking on a global outlook, keeping true to its fundamental values of daring, imagination, and innovation. For Fall/Winter 2012-2013, Lancel has come up with a new range of collections to mark the shift.These two vintage collections as well as additions to the classic collections were launched in the Philippines yesterday, September 13, at Lancel in Shangri-La Plaza. 

The special event was hosted by Tessa Prieto-Valdez and attended by Xavier Le Borgne, the Head of Branded Retail at Lancel, who has been with the company since September 2011. His expertise in luxury goods and jewelry was honed by his education in Marketing and Finance in Cleveland State University in Ohio, U.S.A. and furthered by his many years of experience in the fashion and apparel industry in New York City.

Liz Uy also graced the event

The collection features two new vintage series: La Charmeuse, which is inspired by the soft, curvy female figures of the 18th century; La Galante, which brings back the vintage looks of 1974. 

One of the additions to Lancel’s classic collections is the Premiere Flirt Tote, a spin-off from the classic bucket bag style. Le Brigitte Bardot, (“BB” for short) on the other hand, pays tribute to the 1960s French screen siren and sex symbol by launching a new denim-themed version  suited for the leisurely pace of city living. L’Adjani, another line inspired by a French actress, the beautiful Isabelle Adjani, retains its unique silhouette but using exceptional lambskin and mock python leather.  L’Angèle by Lancel bag is named after Angèle Lancel, who founded Lancel in 1876. The Daligramme is Lancel’s interpretation of Salvador Dali’s “daligramas” (a secret language characterized by an alphabet dedicated to his muse, Gala). The classic Elsa Sellier collection is celebrating its 25th year, and the traditional series is being reintroduced in new fun colours..    French Flair takes inspiration from French women noted for their grace, their natural beauty, and their unique but measured sense of style that is so often imitated.