September 26, 2012

From Fashion to Passion to Small Business

Coming from covering 2 events yesterday, Titania and Contractubex, my husband informed me of a package that arrived. I like giving gifts to friends and loved ones, syempre naman masarap ding tumanggap! The package contained two beautiful sets of accessories from my friend.

Let me tell you a background about my friend. Jean studied BS Accountancy at University of Luzon, Dagupan City and finished Masteral in Jose Rizal University. She worked for companies, namely, Landbank,  Staff Alliance and  Rustans. When she was working for Rustans, she had the liking for fashion, specifically for jewelries and accessories. When she got pregnant with her second son (my inaanak) she decided to be a full time mom, while learning the ropes of stock trading business. To kill time, she enrolled in bead and jewelry making class. She'd then make for friends and loved ones as gifts. Long story short, her liking for accessories turned from fashion to passion to small business. Di ba naman ang galing! 

A peek of some of Jean's works:

Jean is the one with long hair

To view more of MAJ Beadness creations, to order or simply inquire, click  HERE


  1. Ang cute nung necklace na suot nya! How much naman sis?

    1. her creations ranges from 1, 300 and up depending on the style daw, sis.


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