September 30, 2012

Minute To Win It

My children like watching Minute to Win It while waiting for their school bus to arrive. Minute to Win It is a game show where contestants must finish a task within 60-second using objects found commonly around the house. 

Every now and then, especially Sunday, we have our own Minute to Win It episode at home which makes doing our household chores fun and fast. Here's one of our many versions of Minute to Win It:

Try it with your kids, it's so fun that my children do not get tired while helping me around the house. Just make sure if they finish the task in a minute you're ready with the prize that you promise to give.

(Buti na lang di natapos ni Juan, kundi one thousand pesos din yun, har!har!har!)


  1. Wahaha! better luck next time Juan. Haha. You must unbutton first. Nice bonding time, the real prize, that is! We'll do this game in our next meet up, hihi.

    1. yes, we're gonna have Minute tO Win It game on our Christmas Party. 2 months na lang yun...

  2. at least ginawa niya yong best, para manalo ng 1k better luck next time my dearly little boy nanay mo talaga competitive hahaha pero maganda yan ha. at muntik ng matangal mga mabali ang hanger.

  3. Next time mas galingan mo pa Juan ha hihihi. Quite a good idea for kids to learn their responsibilities huh! :)


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