September 21, 2012

Who Wants To Be A Mistress?

Yesterday I watched John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo's movie, The Mistress, with my friends Lyn, Bedz and Lani at Greenbelt.

Photo Source: Karen Herrera

The movie's delicate tone created so much buzz (not just here in the Philippines but also abroad) that I mapped it in my calender as a movie to catch.

Let me start with the movie's final scene. I like that the director gave it an ending that leaves the movie going public's imagination working - the chance to think whether the two main characters will be together or not. 

I am not a John Lloyd fan. I don't find him handsome but this actor can really act for sure, though he looks a bit chubby on this movie. Originally, John Lloyd's character was intended for Derek Ramsey  since he switched to TV5, it was given to JLC. Derek Ramsey would definitely look better physically on screen but JLC can act better, so there JLC got my vote.

Bea gave justice to her character.  She played a loving and giving daughter, granddaughter, sister, and an obedient mistress.  She looks very pretty and slimmer now on screen than she used to. I like the blouses she wore, were those Kashieca?

Hilda Coronel's subtle but convincing act as a wife who continuously forgives his philandering husband the chance over and over made me remember why my late mother liked her so much.

Ronaldo Valdez is still as good looking albeit the grey hair. Effortless acting from him, magaling pa din as ever.

Although the movie's running time is 2 hours and 5 minutes, I felt there are better scenes worth including like a short scene how Ronaldo and Bea met.  

Many said this is a tear jerking movie so I got ready with a hankerchief but honestly I felt no sadness. I almost cried though in the scene where Ronaldo and John Lloyd were talking for the last time, if not for the two women giggling tirelessly. I hope in the future there will be  seats  where noisy and texting people will be ejected automatically. 

The scene where Bea said, "walang babaeng pinangarap maging kerida", is true because by being a mistress, a woman will be treated  badly - looked down and be embarrassed in the public and will be forever  tagged a home wrecker. Who wants to be a mistress? No  one, of course.  Pero minsan ang buhay ay talaga namang masalimuot, di mo alam kung saan ka dadalhin ng panahon at ng pagkakataon. 

Lagi na lang sanang tatandaan, ang mali ay mali - ang tama ay tama. Wag ng ipagpilitan pa ang mga bagay na di naman naayon sa tama at mabuting daan (I sound like a religious leader, lol!). 



  1. uy mukhang maganda! padalhan mo nmn ako ng DVD here ;) pag magpapadala k here sa Arkansas DVD nlng ng mga gnyang movie ;) hehehehe

  2. matagal tagal pang ilalabas to sa dvd.


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