September 14, 2012

Work Becomes Easy and Fun

In this age where connecting to loved ones is just a click away, receiving a letter or a card via snail mail means a lot to the receiver. But let's face it, it takes effort. I, for example, rarely go to the post office. I probably visit this place 3 or 4 times a year to send Christmas cards to friends and relatives abroad.  

Every time I go at Mandaluyong Post Office, I make it a point to check the faces of the post office personnel before lining up for I know who's nice and who's not among all of them. As always, I lined up at the counter with the lady wearing glasses. Whenever I see her, she seems so calm and patient with queries from mailers. She does not make faces and she talks softly and respectfully. 

Yesterday, because there weren't too many people, I asked her if I can take her photo. I explained that I wanted to write how she gives justice to her job.  She didn't want to at first. With much explanation and persuasion, she gave in, at last! 

Meet Ms. Charito Bitanga, Chat in short. She is a mother of 6. She's been working in post office for the last  decade.  

I asked how she manages to not be "masungit" and cranky. She simply said, "trabaho ko ito kaya pinagbubuti ko". 

Clearly, when a person gives much of herself or himself to the job he or she is assigned, work becomes easy and fun.

I hope more people in Post Office, not just in Mandaluyong will be like her - appreciative of her job and kind to customers.

I hope Mayor Benhur Abalos will give recognition to public servants like Ms. Chat. Mabuhay ka Ma'am!  At nawa ay dumami pa ang tulad mo sa Tanggapan ng Koreo. 


  1. I also go to her whenever I need to send something abroad. Charito pala name nya. I will tell her about your blog next time! :)

    1. Diba ang bait nya. Di nag-iinarte. ang bilis pang kumilos.

  2. I live in Mandaluyong too pero never pa ako nakapunta sa Mandaluyong post office. I'll remember her name and face para kapag mapadpad ako doon ay sya ang hahanapin ko :)


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