October 20, 2012

Flawless Online Revolution

As Flawless marked its 11th anniversary just a month ago they have formally launched its new digital face and voice via Flaunt. Flawless also revamped their social networking site, namely Facebook and Twitter .  Last April 2012, 

Flawless launched Flaunt, an online magazine intended to be Flawless’ signature online editorial habitat. Flaunt was founded on the premise of making beauty accessible to everyone. From beauty tips courtesy of Flawless’ acclaimed roster of Skin Professionals to stories of human interest, the publication aims to improve the quality of life people have by giving them the tools they need to achieve the most beautiful expression of themselves.

“We launched Flaunt mainly to better get our message across an array of audiences,” shares Rubby Sy, CEO of Flawless. “The problem with newsletters is that only a number of people get to read them and they’re forgettable and lack impact. If you’re not part of our mailing list, the chance of you receiving monthly content from us is close to zero. Likewise, if you do, by chance, receive emails from us, there’s a big possibility that you’ll skip opening what we sent. Launching a digital magazine is the wisest way around these challenges. Not only are we now able to send out our messages across a wider market, we also do so using a platform that evokes the    kind of lifestyle we promote—fun and dynamic     yet sensible. In more ways than one, Flaunt is an extension of Flawless. This is why my team and myself strive really hard to incorporate as much of ourselves into our content. The Internet offers unprecedented opportunities for readers to engage with ideas and stories beyond those seen in traditional publications. Traditionally, companies have used their websites for sales and marketing. We believe they should also use their websites to publish," Sy adds.

New and Improved Digital Domain
Flawless now added more value to its revamped look, the new website serves as a goldmine of information for beauty and wellness aficionados. It hosts Flawless’ full line of first-rate products and services including its revolutionary four-way slimming and body sculpting program, Shape & Sculpt. A separate section is dedicated to highlighting the brand’s franchise program.
“This is the first time that we’ll be updating our website since launching it 2 years ago,” shares Flawless’ Business Manager, Drew Donovan-Mendoza. “After 11 successful years in the business, we thought it’s only proper we do something to improve the experience our customers get when they visit our site. It’s a very personal change; kind of like refurbishing your home. You don’t just want to improve the aesthetic aspects of the space, you also want to make it functional and most importantly, you want it to reflect your personality.”

Flawless’ Marketing Manager, Patricia Mendoza adds, "In revamping our website, our main focus was not about our preference on design and features but more about improving the overall online experience of current and potential patients. The website design, navigation and sections were mapped out to reflect the mindset of someone looking for information on a certain product or service and ready to make a purchase decision. We want to make it easy and convenient for our patients to look for what they want may it be product information, how a particular service is done, nearest clinic location, inquire about franchising or simply to book an appointment with the clinic."

A New Voice
Flawless recently revamped the way the brand interacts with the rest of the online community as seen in their Twitter and Facebook accounts. They now uses a more humble and personal voice to interact with their audience by way of  “speaking the language” of its market. To put it in simpler words, Flawless is veering away from the usual corporate-sounding tone that most companies use.

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