October 14, 2012

Make The Children Happy

Throwing a surprise party is as easy 
as 1-2-3 for me. Unfortunately this time, my effort failed me. Among the invited guests only Lyn and Bedz made it. 

Six other friends didn't make it.  Jingke has school deadlines for her masteral. Jing has prior commitments. Honey got sick. Nora's daughter, Maizi, was too tired to travel again since she came from a long trip for school project. Jes, oh well Jes my Jes lives just across - across the globe, in Arkansas.  The birthday girl, Jen, spent the day with her family. 

I may not have made Jen happy because the original plan didn't materialize. Then again something great happened out of it. What could have been a surprise party for Jen's 40th birthday turned out into a children's slumber party.   The smile and laughter on this kids warms the heart of a tired and sleepy Events Organizer.


  1. We really wanted to come but the whole day was hectic for me. Punta sana kame but the time did not permit us, so bitin kung araw kame pumunta and in the evening, late naman na nakauwi si ate. She was really tired and jumped to bed as soon as she got home. So happy to see happy faces of the children at the photos.

  2. I like the word "no one is born happy but every one is born with ability to create happiness" ganda noh! but wait na pa puzle ako sa picture na itong nasa dulo hinde ko ma view ito ba yong pic nung wala na kami yong kaw naman ang naging happy????

  3. psssttt! next time sama naman ako dyan!

  4. Bless the children indeed...for the kingdom of God belongs to them :-)


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