October 23, 2012

My Style Statement Inspired by The Ramp Crossings

For pieces that is worth keeping I go at The Ramp Crossings where I am free to explore and experiment on clothes that will match my personality and style.  Unlike other women, I'm not fashionista by heart but I have to because of my profession, Events Planner and Host. I also have to dress well for events that I cover for this blog . 

My style statement requires comfort and flexibility since I move a lot when hosting. I always prefer pants over skirt because I don't own a pair of nice legs. For this ensemble, I  look taller and slimmer.

Black halter top, peplum style @P2,200
Black skinny, stretch pants @ P1,700
Black flatform shoes @P1,699.75

Since I have a hard time mixing and matching clothes, I always solicit the help of The Ramp's  sales clerk who are all ready to lend a hand. My personal favorite among them are Beth and Jes. Both women have been with The Ramp for 5 years now, an indication that they love their job and their company. 

The Ramp also carry fashionable clothes and accessories for kids.

Allow me to tell you my love affair with The Ramp. It all started 3 years ago when I bought this blue long blouse.  In times when I don't exactly know what to wear, I grab this blouse and I'm ready to go. I've worn this for many occasions, be it for business or personal events.  With proper care, the color remained the same.  

Below are some of the photos when and where I wore this blouse:

At Nuffnang Blue Party last February 27, 2012, I paired it with black leggings and accessorized with silver necklace and silver bangle.

Visited my friends and office mates last February 2011.
I paired it with black boots.

Attended a beauty product event at Makati Shangri-La.
I paired it with black denims and shiny black wedge.

Hosted Mommy Academy's Kid Adventure Club in Dusit Hotel in 2010.
I put on gold and pearl earrings, gold and pearl necklace for a more feminine and sophisticated look.


My friend and stylist, Lani, tells me to give this blouse a rest but I just can't let go of this piece so I continue to wear it even after 3 years.

Just last Sunday, I hosted my friend's 40th Birthday Picnic and Pool Party at Secret Garden. 

And tomorrow, this is what I'm going to wear for a product launch...


  1. Wow what a nice dress,dami ng pakinabang everywhere pwedeng gamitin pwede kahit saan e partner...

  2. Truly a versatile dress sis! Love it sis. You should take care of it para matagal mo pa magamit.

  3. you dress well...anything will look good on you...kahit duster :-)


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