October 10, 2012

Spreading Joy is a Piece of Cake

I'm forced to watch Tekkonkinkreet last night because as I've said in the past, my family lives democratically. I wanted to watch The Wedding Planner but I've been voted out, 4 out of 1. 

Tekkonkinkreet is an anime movie about two street boys, named Black and White. The story revolves around Treasure Town where life can be both gentle and brutal.  Throughout the movie I was doing other tasks so I didn't see much of the graphics or animation. Though I was half-watching and half-listening, I remember the words that White  said, "when talking bad things about people, it dries out the heart".  O kaya ang mahihilig pumuna ng puro negatibo sa ibang tao, stop muna. Baka bigla na lang mawalan ng dugo ang inyong mga puso na inyong ikabulagta.

Tawa lang, ang ikli ng buhay para aksayahin sa mga bagay na walang kabagay-bagay.

Spread joy instead of sorrow...Peace, brothers and sisters!


  1. Naku, if you don't have anything nice to say about a person, don't say anything na lang. And avoid those who say bad things about other people also coz you don't really know what they say about you behind your back. Chronic backstabbers backstabs even their own friends. :(

  2. korek wag masyadong magpapangap at kelangan gawing masaya ang buhay wag aksayahin ang panahon sa walang kwentang bagay carry on ika nga according to mommy nuts :)


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