November 2, 2012

Gone Fishing

Have you ever tried fishing and felt disappointed? Well, I did. The first and last time we went fishing was about 3 years ago  when we stayed at Island Cove in Cavite. An hour and a half of waiting bored us so we decided to head back to the pool and spend the rest of the day there. From then on, we knew that my family is not into fishing activity for it requires patience and a of lot time. 

Last Wednesday, since our trip to Fontana did not materialize, Honey and Arnold invited us to go with them in Caliraya. All we know was that we are staying overnight in a resort, which only means swimming. What we experienced was more than staying in an ordinary resort. We went fishing and enjoyed it so much. We even had time boating, bird watching or birding, had picnic, played on the swing while enjoying the beautiful scenery.  And more importantly we had a great time spending it with Agulto Family. 

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  1. napaka-green naman dito.. sarap, gusto ko din mag fishing..


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