November 13, 2012

Jewels That Tells Stories

Being a friendly and chatty person, I get to know people who make a difference in other people’s lives.  

Last Saturday at Yabang Pinoy Fair in Rockwell, I met Costume jewelry and accessory designer PJ Valenciano.  PJ’s booth differed from the other booths because every piece tells of a story of beauty and empowerment, thus aptly named Palamuti Storytelling Jewels. 

PJ’s designs use indigenous Filipino materials and are mostly inspired by the Philippines’  culture and arts. Her client base includes famous people in showbiz and society here and abroad.

What makes PJ and her work really stand out is her approach and personality towards the success of her business. She does not talk much about herself but of the people she has inspired, taught and guided in making one-of-a-kind-fashion accessories. PJ has 2 beaders, namely Ate Tess and Novi . Ate Novie was PJ’s yaya, whom she taught so she can have something to do and not be a yaya for the rest of her life. Novie is young girl whom PJ sort of like adopted.

Altogether, their work meet  their clients’ satisfaction because more than the price tag, the high quality, level of craftsmanship, attention to detail and the stories behind all their creation is all matters. 

The Beaders, Ate Tess and Novie

Amatullah by PJ Valenciano (Handstictched by Marites Dulce)

Amatullah by PJ Valenciano 2 (Handstitched by Marites Dulce)

Hiyas in Green (Handstitched by Novie)

Pangarap ni Esperanza by PJ Valenciano (Handstitched by Novie)

They also accept made to order, just like this one...
The concept from Bea Alcala, based in Singapore. PJ translated it into this beautiful masterpiece.

Palamuti Storytelling Jewels is a great Christmas present for loved ones or clients with discriminating taste in fashion accessories.  To contact, view and know more of Palamuti Storytelling Jewels, view their site, HERE.

What I happily brought home from PJ and Palamuti Storytelling Jewels

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