November 23, 2012

Lucky Fashion by Frigga

I'm fairly familiar with wearing accessories and charms that attracts wealth and prosperity but it was my first time to learn about clothes that do the same. The mini fashion show was presented by Marites Allen at F1 Hotel last November 20.

Marites Allen is the world renowned Feng Shui exper who owns Frigga.  Frigga is a fashion brand owned by the House of Allen Ltd. It is registered in London, England. Labeled Frigga after the Norse goddess of prophecy and destiny, the fashion brand incorporates feng shui principles into each design to attract positive energies into the wearer’s life.  The brand is rooted in the concept of prosperity and luck, that we need to live in harmony with natural elements in our environment, and the most personal and intimate aspect of the environment are the clothes and accessories we wear. It is by achieving balance in the natural elements around us that we become successful and truly happy.

Floral Tunic Blouse
For Love and Marriage
Dresses for Love and Marriage include comfy looking pieces in fire colors of red pin and purple. They are designed with unique peony or mystique knots prints, which are auspicious symbols for successful relationships.

Wealth and Prosperity selections have tops and dresses put together in growth colors of green and blue and other powerful colors to attract income opportunities and personal abundance. 

Polo Shirts Ladies

These would be the ideal wear for those who are encountering cash flow problems and unexplained bad luck.

Pagoda Mens Vneck L/S
To control misfortune

Polo Shirts Mens
For Good Health and Longevity, the suggested designs are done in soothing and nurturing earth tones and make use of auspicious symbols like antahkarana.

To order and view more of FRIGGA, visit theire website:

(Photo Source: FRIGGA Website)


  1. My dearest Joy, greatly appreciate your write up. This means so much to me as you help us spread good luck to your readers. Surely, good karma will come to you.

    Here's wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a Lucky Year ahead!

    xoxo M. ALLEN


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