December 20, 2012

Last Words

December 21, 2012 is the last day of the earth according to the Mayan calendar. Many people around the world are preparing for what could happen on this dreaded day. I personally do not believe that the world will end tomorrow though I cannot help but ponder so I asked my children...

           Me:        What would be your last words in case the world ends tomorrow?
           Rafael:    I wish I had more time.
           Julia:       I'm too young to die!
           Juan:       Not on the neck!

Of course we all laughed at Juan's weird last words.

           Me:        Why not on the neck?
           Juan:       Because I don't like to die with with tusok on my neck. 
           Me:        Where do you want to be tusok?
           Juan:       Hmmm, maybe just on my feet or my leg, but really not on my neck.
Again, we all laughed at Juancho's hirit. Then I told them...

          Me:          You know what my last words will be?
          Julia, Rafael and Juan:   What, Mom?
          Me:          I LOVE YOU. I love you will be my last words because I'd like you to know that I 
                           you and will be loving you til the end of the world.
          Juan:         I'm napapaiyak naman with that, Mommy...
We all do not know what's in store for us in a few hours. I just like to take this opportunity to thank you all, my dear readers, for keeping me company as I share stories in this humble blog.  To all of you who have been part of my life, I LOVE YOU!  



  1. Nice hirit Juan! Boom!

    if the world will end tomorrow, I'll die in full stomach because I ate a lot today. haha..

    1. Boom talaga yang si Juan. Kailangan bago magunaw ang mundo e matunaw muna lahat yang kinain mo...hahhahaha.

  2. waah ayokong isip. God only knows kung ano mangyayari tom. lets pray na lang.

  3. Korek ka dyan Joy.. say I love you.. love is the greatest of them all..

  4. actually I've already if what happened last Dec.21 2012..what ever happened sana!!! ok lang kasi kasama ko naman family ko Priority ko kaya family... :) pero gusto ko yang mga hirit ni Juan mukhang nakukuha niya ang mga pa BOOm na hirits ko..

  5. I'm napapaiyak din sau JUAN ahahhahaha ;))) kulet!!


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