December 2, 2012

Lesson Learned from a Stranger

Each person has a story to tell just waiting for someone to listen. Sometimes, the stories we hear from strangers or acquaintances are like answers to questions that keeps playing on our head. 

Last week, as I wait for my turn to mail the Baptismal card and gift to send to my Goddaughter in Canada, I met this wonderful 73 year old woman as she was signing on the post office logbook. I wanted to help her and so I asked, "can you see well enough, Ma'am?".

Instead of answering me with a yes or no, she told me this story:  One day I went to my doctor and he said, "what am I going to do with your eyes?". I was afraid and thought I needed an operation. Then the doctor said, "your eyes are perfect, 20/20 vision.  You just need an eye drop from time to time to sooth the dryness".

I asked her secret for having clear vision. She said never to wash the face upon waking up. Wait for about an hour  or more before doing so.  I joked, "it's too late for me now. I already have 125/125 vision.

Her practice of not washing her face upon waking up may not have scientific and medical back-ups but what I learned from her was more than that. At 73, with 8 children, widowed since 2008, she still enjoys life to the fullest. She told me about her kids and their good behavior. She continued, "children don't need much. What they need is enough love, appreciation, understanding, and time from parents for them to grow up secure and loved. And I said, Amen to that!

Why am I writing about this? For months now, I've been contemplating on going back to the corporate world come January 2013. Not that there's a financial need for it. It's just that, I've been getting invitation from different companies to join them. Positions such as Events Director, Marketing Manager and Training Manager with huge compensation is  very tempting.  Then I met her...What she told me was like an answer coming from the heavens above. It made me realize that there will be plenty of people who can handle the positions being offered to me but my children will only have one mother to love and guide them as they grow.

Hmmm, maybe when my children are in college I'll go back to work. For now, I'll keep myself busy by  sharing thoughts and stories that hopefully inspires and help anyone who come across this blog.

Have a JOYful Sunday!


  1. This is what I've been telling even before pa, you will excel in this field - marketing, sales and the likes. As you blog, and is so very true, time is more important than money.. tamaa! But if you plan to work when your kids are in college, so that would be about 8 to 10 years from now, ( the Math), I think ...ah.. I don't know what to say, haha. Seriously, your children are blessed to have a mom like you who think about the children more than anything else in the world.

    1. I've done the Math. 10 yrs from now, I'm 49, hmmm, oldie na ko, pero malamang mas malaki na ang salary ko non. Pwede, pasok pa din. I'll hire you ha...kaya lang mas oldie ka na nun, BOOM! Peace, Nuts!

  2. Boom! But please don't forget we both grow old. When you're 49, I'll be 51 then, ayayay! Remember una ka mag birthday, haha.


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