December 9, 2012

Slumber Party Tips

Twins Julia and Rafael are in the stage where they know what they want.  As good children, they always ask John and I if they need or want something. For their 10th birthday they both ask if they can have a slumber party with their friends. And that's what we gave them.

Julia invited 5 but Angela couldn't make it for a singing commitment at Manila Pen. Audrey went home around 10pm. Pearl, Akky and Sam stayed overnight.

Rafael invited 3 friends, only Keiran made it but left around 9pm for a family gathering.

Slumber party, also called Sleepover party, is a fun activity that make lasting childhood memories but requires careful planning to make sure kids will enjoy while the parent or parents of the birthday celebrator remains stress-free. Here are my tips:

1. Choose the venue.  Normally, slumber party's venue is at home but my kids specifically asked to have their sleepover at The Legend Villas.

2. Pick a number of guests to be invited.   Whether the venue is big or small it is advisable to keep the number of kids below 10 to manage them well. Send out invites at least a week before the party. Specify in the invite drop-off and pick up date and time.

3. Plan games and activities that will fill the the kids schedule to battle the "I'm bored or it's boring " lines from the kids. You may also pick a theme for added fun. I specifically asked the parents to leave their children's tech gadgets (Ipad, PSPs etc.) at home because I prepared activities to keep them busy and happy.

4. Know the basics, vitals of the kids and lay rules. Get in touch with the parents days ahead to get information on allergies, sleeping habits and other important considerations. Lay the rules and guideline like no fighting over who's sleeping beside who, no teasing that will hurt somebody's feeling.  I did not allow the kids to open the television the whole day. At 10:30pm I allowed them to watch some cartoons to wind them down. By 11pm, the girls are all asleep.

5. Prepare food that the kids will surely like. Prepare bring home goodies.

6. Last but not the least, play and enJOY the slumber party with the kids!

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  1. Happy birthday to Julia and Rafael! Galing ng slumber party ng twins!


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