December 4, 2012

Walter Bread Cook-Off

A week ago I was invited to join Walter Bread Cook-Off. I immediately said yes to this invitation though I've tight schedule for December 2 because Walter Bread is so close to my heart.  I've told this many times before, I don't cook much. I can only cook afritada, chicken curry and beef steak, but when it comes to preparing bread for my kids, I know I can never go wrong.

The host asked, "why do you think your entry will win?".  My 'pang' Mrs. Philippines answer, "I don't cook much but when I prepare bread for my kids, I make it sure I put so much love into it. I start by cutting the bread into heart shape and I always make sure I use the freshest ingredients,  like Walter Bread Sugar Free, vegetables and fruits on the side". Malamang, if my friend, Nora, was there she'll say. "Boom, panalo ka talaga Joy Hirit!", because that's what we do when our team 'The Traveling Adobo' go out-of-town.

With the guy who beat me for the first place.
Brought home an Electrolux Microwave oven, Pyrex product and 1 year magazine subscription

My entry for this event, Malunggay-Tuna Sandwich, which won me 2nd place among the 7 contenders (not bad eh, for a Mom who's not much into cooking). 

Malunggay-Tuna Sandwich served two ways: for my kids baon and for snacks.

And oh, not to forget, I don't waste a single part of  the bread...

After cutting the bread into heart shape, two sides are left. This is the part that I eat.
For this cook off, I gave it to the audience for tasting.
The edges of the bread goes to our dog, Dengue, and the birds who visit us in the morning. This is probably why Dengue is so big and always mistaken for an imported dog. 

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  1. If I went there, probably I won the first place the only thing I am not sure of would be my beauty pageant-like Q & A portion. Dahil dyan, Ikaw na talaga! Sana me pandesal ulet ako. I love Walter bread pandesal, the best ever I've tasted during your blog anniversary party.

  2. btw, thanks for the mention! Boom talaga!

    1. Boom na boom. wish you were there. sana tayo ang nagtunggali...hehehe

  3. That was a joke, I meant winning the first place, haha.
    BTW, posted a short entry here.

  4. Congrats mama Joy! We were so lucky to have tasted your winning heart-shaped malunggay-tuna Walter Bread Sandwich!


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