January 26, 2013

An Eye For Beautiful Things

When my husband saw this embellished beaded blouse from Topshop he forced me to buy it. I didn't want to at first because being not that fashionista I was worried this piece will not look good on me and that it will require a body beautiful to look really, really great. 

When Lyn and I watched the movie Secret Affair and saw that Anne Curtis was wearing the same blouse, it made me realize how good my husband's taste on fashion is. 

Well, he really has the eye for beautiful things... that's why he married me, hehehe...walang aangal, blog ko to!


  1. i super love the top sis! may attitude. in case you dont like it na. pa ampon mo na sakin! ;) haha!

    1. hay naku sis, that's hubby, he buys me things I don't like but all the time, maganda ang taste...kaya nga maganda ang asawa nya, ahahay!

  2. Wow! Awesome! I love Topshop but I just can't afford the price, hehe! John really has the eye for beautiful things, amen to that and the most beautiful of them all.. is you! Beautiful! and more beautiful than anne! pag luma na, marami kameng aasa dito! :)


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