January 16, 2013

Doing It

It's the 16th of January and before you know it...half of 2013 has gone by. Have you started your new year's resolution? I did. Well, actually just  a day ago.

I stopped exercising last August 2012 when rain and typhoons hit the country. Ang sarap matulog at kumain! And because of that,  I gained weight, bulges started showing here, there and everywhere.  

Yesterday, I forced myself to wear those running shoes. Hit the road at 7am and home by 730am. Did the Envy Ab Workout, finished household chores, blog a little, talked with a friend, took care of the family. Facing the mirror before going to bed I noticed pink glow on my cheeks! Not that I use Body Shop's Lip and Cheek Tint, it is because of the exercise I did early that morning.  

So why should you start doing it (exercise)?

1. Exercise stimulates various brain chemicals that boosts mood. 

When I exercise I feel more relax and happy. Everything seems right and fun.

2.  Exercise promote better sleep.

I slept a full 4 hours lat night as compared to an hour or two from the previous months. I expect to get more and better sleep as the exercising goes.

3.  Exercise improves health condition.

Because I have higher bad cholesterol than the good cholesterol, I am on the right track.

4.  Exercise is a fun way of socialization.

Just today, I got to see Laarni, whom I haven't seen in months considering that we live just a block away from each other. I got to talk to the mom of Juancho's bestfriend. Said hi and hello to old folks in the neighborhood and smiled with people who seem in need of smiling to. 

5.  Exercise improves sex life.

Well, if you think your physical intimacy with your spouse or partner needs enhancement now is the best time to exercise. 

In summary, exercise because you owe it to yourself. When you exercise you feel good and happy about yourself and when you are happy, you radiate that happiness to those you live with and work with. Do not exercise because you want to please your husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend.  Just do it for yourself and I guarantee it'll be worth your time and effort. 

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  1. Nice 2013. Actually I stop din, waaa.. I feel so heavy, tired, sleepless unlike nong ng Zumba ako, masarap pakiramdam. Thanks for this post, babalik na rin ako, ngayon na. :)


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