February 28, 2013

Jestler - The Funny Magician

I met Jestler the Magician, Ricky Quinsay in real life, last 2 years ago when I judged Kadabra Cup . He won the title as he did money tricks, which is different from among the other magicians. Aside from that, he was so funny that even celebrity judge magicians laughed hard with his antics.

We became close when I commissioned him to teach Julia and I magic for our performance in Dominican Queen and Princess Contest. I came to know more about his wondrous journey just recently when he helped Rafael for his Magic performance for Mr. Aquinas Contest.

His is a story of life's opportunities through God's grace and love…

He is the eldest of 12 kids. Because there were many mouths to feed, his parents had no choice but to let his aunt adopt him after graduating in Elementary to study in high school. Hoping for a brighter tomorrow, Kuya Ricky lived with his aunt. Little did he know that in exchange for board, lodging and schooling he was to become a house help. He did all the household chores, including feeding 12 cats and 6 dogs. Although he did all those chores, he felt bad at his current situation so when he graduated in High School he went back to his family in Cavite and worked as garbage collector, then as scrapper in Philips, and finally becoming messenger for 9 years in Manila Yacht Club. From 1998 to 2000 he was paralyzed and had no choice but to quit his job. Then he met Mark Cagas, a clown, who taught him about the business of clowning. 

Series of God’s pouring graces came his way year after his lonely journey . He met a wonderful woman where they used to work. Eventually they were married. Before meeting and courting Lilian, he was turned down by 17 other women he courted. Then he become a most requested magician.  From earning P2,500 a month in the past, he now earns four times more than that in less than 3 hours as magician. 

Although he went through many disappointments in the past, Kuya Ricky believes that God has prepared him well. He now inspires street kids and upcoming magicians to just believe in God and do good deeds for a better tomorrow.

With God's grace and love, he lives a life of bliss and blessings, along with his wife, two sons and an upcoming baby. 

Kuya Ricky’s alias, Jestler, is an abbreviation of Jesus The Healer. Today is his birthday. To one of the funniest and nicest person I met, Jestler - The Funny Magician, Maligayang Kaarawan! 

February 27, 2013

Nokia and Abenson

I find it annoying when the wires of my celphone chargers tangle. It's good to know that with Nokia Lumia 620, Nokia Lumia 820 and Nokia Lumia 920 wireless charging is now possible. I found out about this when I visited Abenson - Shangri-La Mall yesterday.

When shopping, Abenson is the only place where husband and I can both stand staying for longer period of time. Why? Well, I get so sit and watch television while he checks out the latest gadgets.

Read below for more fast facts on Nokia Lumia series and Abenson:

February 26, 2013

PLAY - Protection, Love, and Activities for Young Kids

Protection, Love, and Activities for Young Kids or P.L.A.Y. is a disease awareness raising campaign launched last February 23, 2013 at The Fun Ranch, Ortigas by Mommy Mundo, the country’s most extensive portal of mom and family-focused resources. For many years, Mommy Mundo has actively promoted an advocacy on vaccination as the best defense against diseases. P.L.A.Y is about Protection, Love, and Activites for Young children towards a healthy and happy life.

The moms and kids of P.L.A.Y. were treated to an afternoon of learning through activities that tickled their imagination and competitiveness. The afternoon began by sending off participants on an adventure hunt around Fun Ranch using clues related to PD. A doctor also gave a talk to answer all of the parents’ concerns about PD. And then, the social media mavens’ knowledge of PD were put to the test during the Puzzle Game and Guess the Word challenges, while their children had free reign of the play area.

Julia and I won the Treasure Hunt game
 Each year, roughly a million children die from Pneumococcal Diseases or PDs – and 48% of Asian parents admit that they know nothing or little about these diseases. Since the disease is considered as the #1 killer of children less than 5 years of age worldwide, it’s no surprise that this silent pandemic, while preventable, is still quietly spreading its wrath.

Pneumococcal diseases include invasive ones also known as IPD such as meningitis, sepsis, bacteremia, and pneumonia, and other common diseases such as acute otitis media (middle ear infection).

Acute Otitis Media (AOM), more commonly known as an infection of the middle ear, causes twenty million doctor visits annually. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) it is the most common reason for antibiotic treatment in infants and young children. A fever, headache, cough, irritability, and pain in the ears are common symptoms of this disease. AOM is also highly preventable through vaccination.

The afternoon ended, with a pledge to P.L.A.Y, a promise of all the participants to protect their health and keep on learning and with a full head of knowledge. For more information, visit www.mommymundo.com/vaccinate.

Malayan Insurance Goes Online


The Malayan Insurance Corporation, the Philippines’ leading non-life insurance provider for 50 years, recently celebrated its 83rd Anniversary. It was a proud milestone coinciding with the launch of Malayan Insurance’s new corporate website and the introduction of their mascot, Mico the tiger. However, the real headline of the event held at RCBC Plaza’s Hexagon Lounge amidst VIPs, guests, and members of the press was the official launch of the new Malayan Online Store that promises to be the most comprehensive e-commerce insurance site in the country today.

The launching of the e-commerce site is the latest in a series of strides Malayan Insurance has undertaken to bring lifestyle insurance to more people; the first was when they launched the Malayan Online Facebook Store last year, headlined by their personal accident and travel insurance products. They were the first to offer lifestyle insurance through Facebook, and were met with encouraging success. Malayan Insurance’s reputation as the last word in the discussion of comprehensive and reliable lifestyle insurance combined with the speed and efficiency of the Internet was a runaway hit, and primed both the market and the brand for the launch of The Malayan Online Store.

The Malayan Online Store showcases all of the same products Malayan Insurance has to offer and allows   customers to ask questions and customized quotations – from personal accident insurance, travel insurance, fire insurance, and motorcar insurance. Policy holders who purchase insurance online are sent PDF copies of their e-policy via email, detailing the terms of their coverage and only the Malayan Online e-policy is approved by the Insurance Commission of the Philippines. 

And what really sets it apart is that customers can create accounts on the site which will allow them to purchase insurance products via online banking or with credit cards, eliminating the need to stand in line at the bank for payments. Policy holders can even submit claims, speeding-up the process altogether.  Security is obviously a priority, and all information submitted to Malayan Insurance is treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality.These bold strides in making their products easily available online shows the growth Malayan Insurance has undergone, as well as their commitment to providing reliable and efficient service to both their current and potential policy holders, proving once again why they are the country’s leading lifestyle insurance provider.

To learn more about Malayan Insurance, their products, services, and their commitment to empowering and safeguarding every Filipino, please visit Malayan Online on www.malayanonline.com and the Malayan Insurance corporate site on www.malayan.com. You can also check them out on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/MalayanInsurancePH.

February 24, 2013


Get ready for a fun yet productive summer as EXPO KID 2013 happens on March 2, 2013 at the 3rd floor of 500 Shaw Zentrum, 500 Shaw Events Pavilion,n Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City.

Expo Kid will showcase summer activity providers for sports, dance, crafts, art, music, and more. Plus the following: Interactive stations for them to try out the different classes and see what they want to sign up for,  an onstage program with talks, demos and performances, Mommy Mundo's trademark Mompreneur market where you can shop for the coolest mom, baby and kid stuff, booths of your favorite mom-focused brands.

February 23, 2013

Confirmation Rite

I have been a Godmother in baptism for 100th++ times already and Godmother to a wedding once.  Just last February 21, along with my husband, I became a Godmother again. Ninang this time in the Confirmation Rite of Maizi.

Confirmation is a rite of initiation in Catholic churches, normally carried out by a bishop through anointing, the laying on of hands, and prayer, for the purpose of bestowing the Gift of the Holy Spirit. 
Confirmation is seen as the sealing of the covenant made in Holy Baptism ordinarily when the child reaches teenage years or early adolescence.  Confirmation brings an increase and deepening of baptismal grace as it unites the Confirmant more firmly to Christ and it increases the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

I am humbled and honored that Nora chose us to be her daughter's sponsors and as
 second parents to Maizi.

Maizi's confirmation is extra special to me because I got to visit  the school where I actually wanted to spend my college years. My first visit in UST was in 1990 when I took their College entrance exam.  Imagine, 23 long years! Although I passed the exam, I was not able to study there because my mother was sick at that time, we could not afford the high tuition fee. Okay, enough with the drama...

After the Confirmation rites I took the opportunity to roam and took photos of the school that could have been my alma mater.

BlueWater Day Spa's New Endorsers

It was a day of good food, good place and pampering last February 19 at Edsa Shangri-La Hotel as the world-class and award-winning Blue Water Day Spa introduced to the media their new celebrity endorsers namely, Iya Villania, Aljur Abrenica and Ian Batherson.

These three, when away from the bright lights of show business, choose to retreat in peaceful silence of the BlueWater Day Spa (BWDS) where they can contemplate and shake off the pressures of work and ultimately experience  wellness and relaxation.

Iya loves BWDS because she have to make sure that she have healthy glowing skin from head to toe. “When I was informed that BWDS was getting me as their endorser, it was not hard to say yes. I mean, I’m a fan of anything that would pamper and relax me,” Iya said

Homebody Aljur, spend a few hours for himself  at BWDS to regain his energy to de-stress and find serenity. Aljur, meanwhile, has already heard a lot of good things about BWDS that making him agree to endorse it was a breeze. “My friends regularly visit the spa and enjoy its services,” he said.

Ian goes at BWDS to rejuvenate his tired muscles. “BWDS and I have a really good relationship. I was already a fan of the spa even before I became an endorser. I enjoy their services and how therapists attend to your needs really well,” said Ian. “My personal favorite is the Aroma Chakra Massage. After the massage, I felt really good because it was very soothing. I also loved how the therapist talked about how chakra points in my body were healed using the stones.”

Just like Iya, Aljur, and Ian one need not worry anymore about having both physical and emotional wellness at check because BlueWater Day Spa is now at the forefront in beauty and wellness in the Philippines. BWDS is also the popular choice among Filipinos who are in search of a haven to find their natural balance and harmony. Spa enthusiasts can also choose from a wide range of services—massage, facial treatments, body scrubs, body and facial machine treatments, hand and facial machine treatments, hand and foot treatments, waxing, wart removal, and spa party, among others—upon their visit into this spa paradise.

BlueWater Day Spa now has 6 branches strategically located at Ortigas, Makati, Eastwood, Capitol Hills, Tomas Morato and Cotabato City.  Also open for franchising. For more information on BlueWater Day Spa, log on to www.bluewaterdayspa.com

February 21, 2013

Messy Poem

I just finished helping my daughter find a poem about family, friendship and nature for her school performance task. 

Now I'm in the bedroom that's so chaotic. I had a choice of nagging my kids for all the mess they created but what came out of my mouth seem like a poem that made them laugh. Here it goes...

                                                       Mommy, Mommy
                                                      The room is so messy
                                                      Clean it up before I go crazy.
                                                       - Joy Mendiola, February 21, 2013

Hmmm, gotta go and clean up. Have a great long weekend ahead!!!

February 20, 2013

The Joy in Sharing

Today is my blog's 3rd year anniversary. For months I was thinking of how, where and what foundation I will visit in celebrating this special day.

I thought of my former school, Nagkaisang Nayon Elementary School. Originally, all I wanted to do was to meet my former elementary teachers and throw a mini party for them. I contacted my Grade 6 adviser, Mrs. Rose Gutierrez, and learned that a lot of my former teachers are retired, others went abroad and some passed away. So I decided to just bring tokens for all the teachers and books for their library.

The mini party turned a bit bigger as the Nuffnang team, headed by Thei, joined forces with me.  They pledged to bring food for the teachers and volunteers. They even posted on their site about this event asking fellow Bloggers for book donation.

Then more friends started sharing joy.  The mini party turned into a Thanksgiving Party for the hardworking and dedicated teachers that hones, inspires and develops the future of this country.

This will not be made possible without the generous support of friends, namely  Ainon, Agnes Caguntas, Anvil Publishing, Bakersfresh, Bic Ballpen, Elro, Eng Bee Tin,  Filstar, Flawless, Graphixcel, Gastronomy by Joy, Galderma Phils, Healthtoday, JDJ, Jona Alforque, Mommy Mundo, More Than Just A Sahm, Nuffnang, Viviamo, Inc., Vivian Aguilar and Walter Bread.

And the people, I am most grateful for, for making this event joyful:

The Nuffies, from left to right: Abby, Rendhl and Thei

NNES Principal, Ms. Virgie Macapagal

My friends, also former students of NNES, Jam, Nenalyn, Jing and Nen (not in photo)
for taking the time out from their busy Mommy duties to assist me for this event.

My beloved adviser, Mrs. Rose Gutierrez
My nephew, Jomes, who tirelessly helped unpacked-packed-unpacked the goodies in and out of the car.
Last but certainly not the least, my husband for being very supportive on the things I love to do.

I must admit, this kind of activity requires a lot of time and effort but there is no greater feeling than the joy in sharing.

(View more photos HERE)

February 16, 2013

PTAA Travel Tour Expo 2013

PTAA Travel Tour Expo is still on going in SMX Convention. You still have until tomorrow to buy cheap travel packages and airplane tickets here and abroad.  

John and I went yesterday hoping to get the best deals. Unfortunately there weren't enough credit card swipe available. Only Citibank card can be use so many resorts and hotels opted for cash payments. There's corresponding entrance fees, P20, P50, forgot which is which though.

Don't worry about getting hungry for there are food stalls located inside the convention center like my favorite Eng Bee Tin Hopia.

Cultural show and other presentations happen every hour where guests and buyers can win prizes.


1. Bring enough cash as the line from ATMs is so long. 
2. Start early, like 10 in the morning. 
3. Tag along a friend or someone so one of you line up while the other shop around to maximize time.

Sweet Day

On the way to Segara Villas in Subic we stopped at a gas station for a quick lunch. To top it all, we bought Dairy Queen's Oreo Blizzard for dessert. 

DQ's Crew: Here's your Oreo Blizzard, Ma'am.
Me: Thank you.
DQ Crew: Have a sweet day, Ma'am.
Me: Don't worry, I'm sweet all the way.

(Boom! Aba, humirit si Mama!) Akala ko, okay na that I had the last words, e biglang...

DQ Crew:  Glad to hear that, Ma'am.