February 14, 2013

Celebrating Valentines Day

For 19 years now it has been John and my practice not to go on a date during Valentines Day.  We'd rather stay home and watch our favorite Forever Young movie of Mel Gibson. Why this movie? It was the first ever movie we watch when he was just courting me (or should I say the other way around?). 

Gifts are not necessary, too. I'm not the bring me flowers kind of person. Not even in chocolates. All I want are simple things. A kiss and I love you is enough to make me happy.

While most will be celebrating this day in extraordinary way, we'll do it the way we used to do it. 

No budget? Can't buy that special someone a gift? Celebrating Valentines Day need not be that expensive for all you need is love, love, love! Try how I express love for my family and friends with heart-shaped rice and heart-shaped bread...

Garlic Rice
Adobo Rice

What I use to achieve this perfect heart-shaped rice...
Heart shaped  plastic keeper bought in plastic wares near our market around P20

Valentines Day is not just for lovers, sweethearts, couples or partners. Showing L-O-V-E to children is as important too. How can a parent do that? Prepare school snack the fun and special way with Walter Bread Heart-shaped sandwich.

Cookie Cutter bought in Gourdos



  1. sometimes i buy a cake for us on valentine's day. i want that heart shape tool in the kitchen.. :) what's your plan today and this coming weekend? enjoy your weekend guys! it's been __ consecutive busy weekends for all of us here.. :(

    1. Happy V! We're just staying home, as usual. We'll celebrate on Sat and Sun at Segara na lang.

  2. Happy Valentine's Day to you all!

  3. Ang cute ng sandwich. Belated Happy Valentine's Day dear!! :)


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