February 8, 2013

Classroom Party Ideas

Today is Juan's 7th birthday. I just came from his school and hosted a mini party for my bunsoy  (posting it next time) Classroom party need not be just a simple eat and go thing. What I'm sharing today is how to throw a mini and quick party in school with much fun. Photos below are taken from Juan's 6th birthday last year in Angel's School

1. Ask your kid's school policy on birthday party. Will they allow certain themes and games? Allotted time for the party?

2.  Plan for a theme. Having a theme gives you a more organize party as you work around it. For this party, I chose green theme since Juan's favorite color is green. From cakes, prizes, name tags, and my wig, it's all green! I even asked the parents (via the invitations) to have their kids wear clothes in green. 

3.  Invitations. Solicit the teacher's help in sending out invitation via the students' diary or handbook at least a week before. Forgot to take photo of the invitation. I bought a green printing paper and printed in blank ink. To save paper, I made it very simple. Printed 1/4 size which gave me 4 invites in one paper.

4. Food. Ask your child’s teacher if any of the students have food allergies before planning on the menu.

5. Games and Prizes. Activities and prizes and looties should fit in with the children's ages to avoid mishaps.

Egg Hunt. Who said egg hunt is only for Easter. Egg hunting will always be fun any time.
For added fun, prepare a game or two for the teachers

Glass stacking
Balloon Pop
6. Budget.  It is very important in keeping an eye on your budget. Remember great party need not be that expensive. All you need is a lot of creativity and time, time, time in preparing everything.

7. Host.  Always remember that the life of the party depends greatly on the host. Boring host means boring party.  If on a budget, ask your bubbly sibling or funny friend to host the party. If not on a tight budget, hire my company - Occasions of Joy.  My son is lucky that I am already in the events and hosting business. I get to clown around without spending a dime.


  1. Happy birthday, Juan!

  2. Green talaga ang theme? Ben 10 noh?

    1. Not naman Ben 10, pero most of the boys wore Ben 10.

  3. Happy Birthday Juancho mwah .. mwah.. :) !!!


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