February 10, 2013

Multiple Celebration Party Ideas

February is one of the busiest month in my calendar. Starting on the 8th for Juancho's birthday. The 14th for Valentines and the 20th for my blog anniversary. This year it became busier as Rafael joined Mr. Aquinas last February first. I had to teach him magic tricks, which by the way won him Mr. Talent. Let us not forget that February 10 is Chinese New Year. Proud of my (tiny) Chinese blood, I always join all the Chinese people in the whole wide world in welcoming`the year.

For Juan's 7th birthday, John and I wanted it low key just like the twins 7th birthday. But my friends kept on asking where will we celebrate Juan's birthday. Jenny on the other hand was bugging me to plan for our Amigas Valentines Party. So, in 2 days time I conceptualized a party that will celebrate all the important occasions of February: Birthdays (Jhon-Jhon on the 2nd, Juan on the 8th and KC on the 9th), Valentines, Kung Hei Fat Choi and a pre-celebration for Occasions of Joy's 3rd year anniversary.

Multiple celebration will not be easy without the help of all the people involved. I may be the think tank of this party but it's the willingness of all the people involved that makes this kind of celebration a success. Muchas gracias mi amigas for joining forces with me here. Another successful party for us!

Here are my tips in planning for multiple celebration:

1. Choose the celebration and honorees. What is being celebrated? Who's birthdays? You might want  to celebrate everyone whose birthday falls within January and February or March and April so on and so forth.

2. Choose the Venue. Deciding where and when is always the first step so you can organize the party well. Find a family or friend who's very much willing to host. For this party, I'm paying for the pool rent with the sponsorship of our dear friend, Jingke, as she is the one living in this condo.

3. Disseminate information.  Once the details are decided, everyone needs to be informed.  Getting the word out now is as easy as 1-2-3 with the help of FB. I messaged all my mommy friends about this  "biglaan" party. We have 2 days to prepare for this so I asked each of them to bring food and drinks

4.  Choose the food. Potluck is always a must for celebrations like this. The menu  must be coordinated with everyone to avoid having the same dishes.   If one brings pasta, the other must take cue and bring dessert or other viands.

Take home treat, Cheerios in a baby food keeper

5.  Games and other activities. Consider the ages of the guests before planning on an activity. For this party, since we have young kids we opted for the swim to keep the kids busy while moms and dads chat non-stop. I did group games that is easy for young kids.

Kids Games: Bring me and arrange yourselves according to

Adult Game, spelling game using the butt.
Early Bird Award. goes to Honey and family. They brought home vegetables from our market
and beauty products and a book from Bedz.

We had  fun raffle for the kids. Every kid got a prize according to their age and gender.

Photo Credit: Nora of More Than Just A Sahm


  1. happiness! kahit rush ang preparation, we made it, and it all happened because of occasions of joy planning and hosting skill! kahit ang magic mo eh ..ahemm.. konteng practice pa and you'll be a good magician haha..
    thanks sa mga tips pero i don't need it na, kasi ikaw lang hire ko for parties and events! :)

    1. sa sussunod di papakainin ang di papalakpak sa magic tricks ko! at walang take out ang di manonood ng performance ko.


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