February 15, 2013

Not Your Ordinary Civil Wedding

Honey and I met at Electrolux Wok-A-Holic in 2010. Among the many contestants, she was the tallest and the only quiet one. She exudes that grace and confidence not common among us. I must admit, everyone were sort of threatened by her presence. Imagine, she brings her own cameraman and photographer. Some even thought she was a relative of the organizers.

I didn't expect Hon and I to be that close. It just happened. When she told me that Arnold and her  are finally planning to tie the knot, I was more than excited to help and be a part of their union. For  friends who means so much, work is not work but a gift of love and service.

In the Philippines, when you say civil wedding, it's just the judge or mayor, the bride and groom and two or more witnesses. Theirs was a civil wedding but not your ordinary civil wedding. 

For those contemplating on having a civil ceremony, you don't need to forgo personal touches such as music, cakes, and other traditional reception ceremonies. Just like Noldy and Honey's civil wedding you can make it as memorable, fun, joyful and less costly. Here are my tips:

1. Decide the date and the venue of the wedding.  Civil weddings are normally done in courtroom or Mayor's office.

2.  Shop around for wedding reception. Restaurants are the best as you don't have to worry about table setting and menu.  Minimum of three restaurants is a must so that you can compare prices and menu. Better if you can find a venue near the wedding rites to make it easier for all the guests.  As soon as you choose the reception venue immediately book and choose menu. 

3.  Tap and choose a wedding party that can be of help in preparing specific job. It could be anyone from your friends or family. You should choose someone who's already familiar with what task you're going  to assign to them.  Hon and Nold are two of the nicest people we know, that's why they didn't have difficulty asking their friends to help out. For example, if you have friends into hosting, don't be afraid to ask them to host for free (in lieu of wedding gift).  Friends who are into photography may be ask to take pictures (again in lieu of wedding gift).

4.  Decide about the motif or color and the theme. You should choose something that describes your style or maybe that goes with the season.

5.  Choose the music for the reception. You can rent or hire sound system. Or better, ask a friend or relative to lend you his sound system  (again in lieu of wedding gift).  

6.  Send the invitations at least two weeks ahead. It is now easier to send invites via email but better if you send them personally as this gives the guest a feeling of importance and much L-O-V-E.

7.  Don't be afraid to ask friends what gift you wish them to give. It may not be that common in our country, but believe me it makes it easier for guests as they will not worry whether you'll appreciate their gifts or not.

8.  Choose your wedding dress. Avoid last minute problem by buying a ready to wear gown. Since, civil wedding is not as formal as church wedding think about buying a dress you can still wear in other occasions. 

9.  It is customary to give tokens to sponsors and those who help in your wedding preparation.  Wine is the best and the most convenient as they come in nice packages.

10.  Don't forget to send thank you notes, txts or email to everyone who grace your most important day.


  1. Replies
    1. doing things with friends who means a lot is always our pleasure. we're happy to have played an important part in your wedding.

  2. it's a privilege to be featured here in your blog! Thanks much! love you!

  3. Isn't it possible to do the ceremony at the reception venue? thanks..

    1. Yes, it's possible to have the ceremony and the reception in one place for as long as the judge will agree to go to the venue.


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