February 16, 2013

PTAA Travel Tour Expo 2013

PTAA Travel Tour Expo is still on going in SMX Convention. You still have until tomorrow to buy cheap travel packages and airplane tickets here and abroad.  

John and I went yesterday hoping to get the best deals. Unfortunately there weren't enough credit card swipe available. Only Citibank card can be use so many resorts and hotels opted for cash payments. There's corresponding entrance fees, P20, P50, forgot which is which though.

Don't worry about getting hungry for there are food stalls located inside the convention center like my favorite Eng Bee Tin Hopia.

Cultural show and other presentations happen every hour where guests and buyers can win prizes.


1. Bring enough cash as the line from ATMs is so long. 
2. Start early, like 10 in the morning. 
3. Tag along a friend or someone so one of you line up while the other shop around to maximize time.

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