February 3, 2013

Take Care Of Yourself

For the past week I don't feel like going out to do my light running so I googled Youtube for a video that will replace my daily dose of cardio workout.  I've a checked a few and below is a video that hit me. For days now, this video helps me sweat and  feel really pumped.

My favorite part of this video is what the instructor said near the end, here it goes, "guys, the taebo cardio workout do one thing - it touch endurance. Get your heart pumping. Get you moving.  Bring life into yourself.  Remember, the heart is the biggest muscle in your chest. It shows love, shows power, shows endurance and strength. Everything that God has given us. If you keep that in shape, you'll have a long life...don't give up...take care of yourself.

Sharing this to my everyone, especially my friends Hon, Lyn and Nora.  But remember to check on your doctor before starting any exercise. If you're fairly healthy but just lazy, I suggest you play this video. Watch for awhile. My tip, watch it while standing because if you watch it while sitting down, e baka antukin ka lang at matulog ng tuluyan. And of course, standing burns calories.  

You don't have to finish the video right away. Maybe you can do a little tapping of feet while watching. On my first day I just did 23 minutes. On the second day, 34 minutes. And on the third day I was able to finish the whole session of this cardio workout.

Remember, little exercise is better that no exercise at all. 

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  1. Talagang kasama ako sa special mention ha? lol.. yes, will definitely start my exercise as in regular exercise because I'm feeling something heavy inside and also my heart.. Thanks sa mga tips and video here. next time we meet, you'l see a big difference in me, :p goodluck to me.. :)


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