March 16, 2013

292 Steps

My family first went in Kamay ni Hesus in 2011. We wanted to go back and bring friends and relatives but our respective schedules didn't meet.  Last Wednesday my step mom talked about wanting to see the place, so off we went yesterday in Mt. Banahaw, Barangay Tinamnan, Lucban, Quezon where the shrine is located.

We left home at 4am and were already in Kamay ni Hesus by 7am. It's best to hit the road that early because the air is so cool, making the climb easier. Plus you get a dose of Vitamin D from the morning sun.

Tita Jo felt it's best for Papa to just sit inside the church while we climb up the shrine.  But  when my husband asked Papa, he was more than willing to join us. 

I almost told Papa, Tita and John to just go ahead and leave Papa and I after the first level of climb because I saw that Papa was having a real hard time. When we reached the top of the first level bench, there lay a monoblock chair.  We knew that that chair was provided by God to help Papa finish what he had started. God provided Papa's need at that that moment.

This chair provided Papa (and us) a time to rest when tired and almost gave up.

For young and normal individuals, the climb will take less than 30 minutes. My father who suffered stroke and has difficulty walking finished Kamay ni Hesus' 292 steps in 2 hours with the help of John, Tita, Julia, Rafael, Juan, yours truly... 

...and the people we met at Kamay ni Hesus who gave Papa words of encouragement. Life indeed is a sweet journey when shared with people we meet along the way. 

Coliantes Sisters from Laguna
Mr. and Mrs. Conrado and Emily Andres

Antiporda Family from Tondo


  1. I never heard of Kamay ni Jesus except here, Been to Quezon before, in Lucban and Tayabas and witnessed Pahiyas many many years ago.

    Wow, that must be tiring climb with 290 steps. Lourdes Grotto in Baguio has 250 only..

    1. you have to go at Kamay ni Hesus bago mas maging mahirap ang pag akyat pag tayo'y tumanda ng tumanda ng tumanda...


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