March 12, 2013

Bridal Shower Tips and Games

Traditionally, the Maid/Matron of honor or  Bridesmaids host the bridal shower of the bride.  Since Arnold and Honey's wedding is civil, John and I decided to throw this surprise bridal shower instead.  Along with Arnold's help, we  prepared  and informed close friends who wish to celebrate this simple and non-gift-oriented party.

Many different customs have developed in different countries but I stick to the basic, simple food with  fun games and prizes, and non-stop laughing.


1. The Bride.  Print the bride's name (1 letter per cardboard).  Define the word that needs to be answered. The contestants must spell the words correctly and fast. First to make 3 correct answers wins.

2. The Ring.  Using pipe cleaner, give each team 2 minutes to make the cutest wedding ring

The rings almost look the same but Beda and Lyn won.

3. Create It.  Using the cardboard roll from the tissue paper, each team must act out different items. One team cannot act out the same item. 

Lyn and Jing won because they were so funny. Bigay na bigay ang acting!

4.  Best Wedding Gown. 
Using tissue paper, give each team 5 minutes to create the best wedding gown.
Lyn and Bedz won, though I find Jing and Nora's gown better. Our husbands chose Lyn and Bedz because it's complete with veil, ring and flower.

5.  Awards Night. Give awards to each participants to add more fun after the games. Tokens can be in form of naughty toys.   I gave each girls a ref magnet with funny and catchy statements. Those who weren't able to attend were sent the same ref magnets as remembrance that they were as much part of Hon's Bridal Shower.

Early Bird Awardee 
John and I even pretended to hire a sexy male dancer for Hon. But in reality, it was just the groom himself.

After the  "supposedly sexy dance show", the men had a few drinks while us, girls did our thing -  tawanan at piktyurang walang humpay. 

The party should not end after the party itself, extend it by preparing take home food for the guests.

Ang mga ebidensya ng take-out, huli kayo Papee, Jhon and Lyn

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  1. I had sooo much fun that bridal shower, sobrang enjoy kasi, It's my first time to attend bridal shower...
    sana sa susunod na buhay ko magka bridal s na hahaha!


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