March 6, 2013

Funny Prank

I've written many times about Belle De Jour Power Planner, its events and the woman behind it. This much deserving post I've found sitting in my draft for a very long time now. 

Although BDJ caters to younger crowd, many moms mid-thirties or more senior (I'm being very careful mentioning age here, lol) actually still find this planner super cool. 

Take for example the case of Beth, Nikki, Zen and me.  All four of us were bonded because of BDJ Power Planner. We met some 4 years ago in a BDJ Event and the rest they say is history. These three women are amongst the coolest and fashionable moms I've ever met.

When our busy mommy and wifey duties allow us to meet, we maximize our time to have fun and catch up. In our last meet, Beth was super late so I decided to throw a funny prank on her by having the birthday ice cream treat, accompanied by birthday singing from Super Bowl crew. 

Kaya the next time around, bawal na ang ma late. 

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