March 25, 2013

Miss Tres

The last time John and I went out for a night out was probably more that 7 years ago. We'd rather stay home or hit the road to visit places in the provinces.  Going out in bars or clubbing is only an option when  friends or relatives from abroad come home for a visit in the Philippines. 

Last night we were supposed to go at GEB Super Club only to be surprised that it is close for the night! Since Zirkoh is just across the street, we decided it's the most logical choice. Plus, the sign board said SEX BOMB GIRLS. The Sex Bomb Girls were the finale performers for the night  but it was the Miss Tres performance that made going out after 7 long years worth.

I don't watch Pinoy Got Talent so I'm clueless about the Miss Tres trio.  Nora is a PGT watcher so she knows about this group. Ang masasabi ko lang, grabe ang galing nila at nakakatawa talaga! What I don't like about them though, e mas magaganda pa sila sa aming mga girls, kaka-insecure ang kaseksihan! (wink, wink!). Tsaka, di ako nakapag pa-picture kasama sila (hu!hu!hu!)

This time, I'll be watching PGT to cheer and vote for the multi-talented Miss Tres. 

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