March 5, 2013

On Their Own

Maizi's Confirmation celebration is held at the Yellow Cab.  While waiting for our orders I can't help looking at the other table. They ordered 5 big pizzas for just 6 people. I stood up and talked to the young guys. I asked how many they are. They seem to wonder why I'm asking, they didn't even bother to answer. Parang ayaw nila akong sagutin. Akala siguro ng mga bata e papagalitan ko sila sa kaingayan. So I changed the tone of my voice and asked, "kaya nyong ubusin yang lahat, e anim lang kayo?". Yun pala naman one of them, Kit, is celebrating his 19th birthday. Kit is a Med. Tech student at UST. He is currently UST's Mr. Pharmacy.

Kit with girlfriend
Then on the other end of the place, there were girls singing happy birthday. I stood up again and asked if they're with the other guys. They're not with the other group but one of them, Via, is celebrating her 20th birthday. 

Kit and Via's birthday celebration gave me a glimpse of how my kids will eventually celebrate their birthdays when they are in college. I felt that tinge of loneliness (I know Nora felt it too) with the thought that soon they will have their own world outside of Mom and Dad's love and care. That I will no longer plan and host their birthdays...(I'm already teary-eyed as I make this post). Soon we will only give Julia, Rafael and Juan money to treat their friends...just like what Via and Kit did.  That is why John and I are making the most of our time with our kids. Hanggang gusto pa nila kaming kasama  sa mga okasyong ganito.

Eventually all children will be on their own. So what are parents to do before that time come? Spend not just quality time , as well as quantity time with the little ones. It may be easier for stay at home parents like us to say this. Parents who are working may do this by taking the time to call the kids at home during break time or lunch. Weekends or rest days must solely be given to the children. Find time to play with the kids. Sit and watch (really watch not txt a friend) your kids favorite cartoon show. This simple gestures of love surely will be treasured by your children. Kahit friends na nila ang kasama nila sa kanilang 19th or 20th birthday.

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