March 29, 2013


Pain is believed to be an inevitable aspect of human lives. It is experienced by people in many different forms such as physical pain, social pain, emotional pain, psychological pain and spiritual pain.

Physical pain is probably the easiest to detect if one is ill. But physical pain due to underlying psychological and or emotional pain is a lot harder to cure.

Spiritual pain on the other hand is commonly associated with an individual’s personal relationship with (depending on which religion one is associated) the Creator, God, Allah.

Whatever kind of  pain you are in right now, remember...


Today is Good Friday, a time to commemorate Jesus Christ's pain as He gave up his life for our sins.

Twenty years ago, my mother passed away on a Good Friday.  Mama's physical pain was lifted but then we were left with emotional pain as Mama was our moving factor, our strength, our family's core and light.  Papa for the most part of our childhood was working abroad so we didn't develop a close relationship with him.  When Mama joined our Lord in 1993, my siblings and I started to be a lot closer to Papa. Though we experienced pain from losing our mother, we found strength and love through our father...

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