March 17, 2013


One of the greatest joys  of traveling is its secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware what he or she is about to uncover.  Traveling also involve meeting people that adds wisdom to that journey.

Take for example the case of  Mr. and Mrs. Conrado and Emily Andres of Laguna, whom we met in Kamay ni Hesus last Friday.

They have been married for 42 years. Ma'am Emily was 18 and Sir Conrado was 23 when they got married. Their 3 kids are working abroad.  I asked their secret for keeping that love alive for, 42 long years! They both said, "pasensyahan lang". Sir Conrado even added, "madami namang dinadaanang problema basta pasensyahan lang".

Kaya pag-alis nila Mr. And Mrs Andres, ang sabi ko kay John, "o ayan, pasensya ka ako ang napangasawa mo". (har!har!har!

"You never know anyone until you marry them".
- ELEANOR ROOSEVELT, Book of Common Sense Etiquette


  1. I have Kota of those and now wishing odor more.. Seriously.

  2. I so love this post that I can't afford to leave only a single comment..
    This is so true.. "You never know anyone until you marry them". and I think this applies also to any relationship.. If only all of us in the world have tons of patience, magiging maayos at matagal lahat ng relationship. :)

    natawa ako sa sinabi mo ke JOhn. lol.


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