March 28, 2013

So Undercover Movie Review

For the second time around I won in Nuffnang's movie screening blog post contest for the movie So Undercover starring Miley Cyrus . It was sponsored by Adidas NEO and was shown in Shang Cineplex in Shangri-La Plaza.

I personally find the movie boring and witless. I knew from the very start who's the villain. Probably because I watch too much James Bond movies that I already under covered the story even in the beginning. I actually slept half of the time or longer maybe, but for the 7 kids who watched with me, I heard laughs and occasional eeww during kissing scenes from Miley and her love interest.  Adults will rate this movie 1 or 2, but hey the movie is intended for Miley's fans - the kids. So, if your kids were into Hannah Montana in the past, go ahead let them indulge So Undercover movie of Miley.

Official Synopsis: Miley Cyrus stars as MOLLY, a private investigator who chose to leave high school to work with her father (Mike O’Malley), a former police officer. Together their days are filled with busting cheating spouses and taking down petty thieves. However, her life unexpectedly changes when she is approached by an FBI agent (Jeremy Piven) to go undercover in the one place they’re unable to infiltrate — and a world she knows nothing about… A university sorority.

Thanks Nora of for the extra tickets!

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