March 1, 2013

The Eds of My Life

I sometimes wonder if I was a man in my past life for I find it easier to have long lasting friendship with men more than women.  

There are many advantages to having friends of the opposite sex.  For one, I often find it easier to talk to guy friends because they don't get caught up in emotions and can be very logical when dealing with different topics. 

They also tend to be very honest when you ask for advice or suggestions. For example, if I say, "ang taba, taba ko na!" Male friend will say , "di naman, chubby lang, bawas ng kain ng konti".  A female friend on the other hand will say, "friend ano ka ba, ang sexy mo nga ngayon".  This does not mean women friends are dishonest, they just say nicer words because they wouldn't or are afraid to hurt a friend's feelings. 

Men can also be objective so it's easy to relax around guys because most of them are relatively laid back and cool unlike women friends who tend to be more emotional and sensitive.  With male friends, I can easily say what's on my mind and will not be judged as drama queen. They won't even make a big fuss about me being a Drama Queen (which happens every now and then).

A male perspective carries with it many interesting and unique benefits. I can talk to my male friends and not have to worry about getting an unreasonable or emotional reaction.

A friendship between male and female  for the most part is relaxed. There's no need to call or see each other on a regular basis.  But when plans to meet have been made, they will surely be there. 

Just today, I met two of my most beloved guy friends at Lola Maria's Restaurant in Legend Villas for lunch.  Edgar and Edwin are engineers.  I call them the Eds of my life. We've worked together at Bayantel in 1996. The last we saw each other was four years ago when Edgar and his family went to America. With less than two weeks stay in the Philippines, Edgar took time out from his busy schedule to meet us. It could have been happier if Cielo was there too.


  1. Inagaw mo na ang title ni Sandra B, ikaw na Miss Congeniality!

    1. both men know how kulit and sens (sentimental and sensitive) I am but pero friends pa din.


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