March 8, 2013

The Gift of Freshness and Health

It's so normal when someone sends cake when celebrating a special occasion but receiving a sanitary napkin, oh boy! This is exactly what my friend gave for my blog's 3rd Year Anniversary

As Agnes was explaining to me the benefits of this sanitary napkin, I can't help but me critical. Why? I've been using sanitary napkin since I was eleven so how could "Feminine Comfort" be any different, I say. Agnes continued to lecture about it's benefits and difference. I continued to argue, "ang mahal nyan ha!".

It was the second day of my menstrual perios, so when Agnes went home I tried one. Hmmm, oh girl, Agnes was right. Feminine Comfort is really comfortable. It has that cooling and fresh scent that I haven't experienced since I was eleven.  

Although priced higher than the commercial sanitary napkins, Feminine Comfort has captured my attention not only because of it's spa-like scent but also because of its benefits: 

Give that gift of freshness and health to important women in your life.

To order Feminine Comfort, you may txt Agnes at 0923-3124384,  0916-7681348 ,  0939-9222889

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