March 11, 2013

Travel Games

School is almost over and I can't wait for the time when I do not have to wake up at three o'clock in the morning.  Not that I'm complaining about rising very early in the morning. It's just that I am an owl (or maybe a vampire?). I'm awake at night and I like to sleep at day time. That's why I am looking forward for summer vacation. Ahh, that time when the bed and I enjoy our time together!

It's nice to go out of the urban life and drive and see the lush green surrounding of the provinces.  The coconut trees, the old houses, the animals and the people we see along the road provide that sweet serenity that the city cannot give.

When traveling it is a must to plan, especially for those coming with kids just like us. We know very well that kids get easily bored with long drive that they can't stop asking, "are we there yet?".  Having three kids, John and I make sure we provide fun and entertainment while on road. We play games with the kids to keep them busy as well as enjoy the long drive.

Travel Games we play:

1. Find That Sign.  This includes looking for food chain and restaurant signs, houses, animals, people wearing certain clothes and anything that we find fit for this game.

2. The Alphabet Game.  Before starting this game, we give out categories like names of people, animals, flowers and others. We start giving names with letter A til we finish to Z.

3.  The Cloud.  We point to a certain cloud in the sky and ask the kids if they can see the shape that we see. Often times they see and  better shapes that what John and I see.

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