March 22, 2013

Which One Is Your Month

Every time I call my closest friends, I make it a point to throw a joke to make their kids laugh if and when they answer the phone.  When the kids ask, "who's this please?", I'd answer, "please tell your mom, this is her most beautiful friend.  Then they'd laugh. It's nice to hear the children laughing because their voices are pure, their hearts are pure. 

Earlier today, I called Nora.

Me: Hi Jill! Si Mommy mo?
Jill: Wala po umalis. Sino po sila?
Me: Paki sabi ang pinaka maganda nyang kaibigan. Umalis ba, kasama Dad mo?
Jill: Opo.
Me: Ah, o sige, paki sabi tumawag ako. Teka, kilala mo ba ako?
Jill: Opo.
Me: Sigurado ka ba?
Jill: Opo. (bahagyang natatawa)
Me: E sino ba ko.
Jill: Si Tita Joy po.
Me: O sabi ko na e, ako talaga ang pinakamaganda.
Then we both laughed.

After talking to Jill, I opened FB and there I saw from an FB friend's wall, JULY: BORN THE MOST BEAUTIFUL...ayan ha may proof na na di lang ako nagpapatawa...har!har!har!

Pasensya na my dear readers, wala lang akong maisulat na seryoso ngayon. 
Have a great weekend ahead!!!

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