April 30, 2013

Mag-ingat sa Pinakurat

I like sour food. Name it - kalamansi, mangga, lemon, suha, pati na ang suka! I do not know if it has something to do with what my mother liked to eat (hilaw na mangga't bagoong) when she was pregnant with me. 

One time Arnold and Honey visited us here at home. Arnold insisted that I try this Suka Pinakurat. I begged off but Arnold even opened the bag of fish cracker they brought. 

From then on, I fell for this vinegar. Ngunit mag-ingat sa Pinakurat, with its right blend of spicy and sour taste, naku tiyak mapapadami ang kain mo ng kanin kasama ang pork or chicken barbeque! 

Lancel Love for Mother's Day

For this coming Mother’s Day, Lancel is offering a 30% discount on all regular items from the Brigitte Bardot and Daligramme collections, from May 1-15 only. This is the perfect opportunity to give Mom a bag she will surely treasure. Avail of this limited offer at the Lancel boutique on the second floor of Shangri-la Plaza.

Like sultry screen siren Brigitte Bardot, the BB bucket bag is a head-turner with its voluptuous silhouette, intricate details, and fine organic material. Bardot’s beauty, her joie de vivre and her femininity are exquisitely encapsulated in Lancel’s homage to the French femme fatale. The BB bag comes in fun colors and unique fabrics, and is an exceptional eco-chic gift for the bohemian mom who shares Brigitte Bardot’s spirit and style. 

Lancel’s Daligramme line was created in collaboration with the Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí, based on the “alphabet of love” the brilliant Spanish painter invented for the love of his life, his wife Gala. No mere monogram, the Daligramme is a secret script that is a declaration of love. Art, romance and fashion come together in this collection, which features a variety of versatile bag shapes and styles, such as the Dalifun shopper, the Dalichic shoulder bag, the Daliglam clutch, and the Daligala bucket bag. Mothers who are romantics at heart or appreciate great works of art would surely love to have their own Daligramme masterpiece.

April 29, 2013

Sun iMessenger

Imagine chatting with your love ones any where in the world using your celphone?  That's what Sun iMessenger is all about.  It allows Sun mobile phones to go online on FB, Google,YM, MSN, AOL, and ICQ.

With just P20 you have one day of unlimited subscription. For more details, Text SUNIM to 2746 or visit www.sim.ph

April 28, 2013

Double Wedding Tips and Ideas

A double wedding is a double ceremony where two couples, typically a fiancé with a sibling who is also engaged or four close friends, rendezvous for two simultaneous weddings. 

It was my second time to be the Ninang in a wedding but my first time to attend a double wedding ceremony as my friend, Star, asked me to be the Ninang of her sis Anne and brother-in-law Ronnel.  Also to be wed that day is Star's brother, Don  and Maross.

Although not very many Filipinos resort to double wedding due to pamahiin (belief) in sukob, I personally think that this is one of those weddings that is for the record, a joyful one.  Imagine seeing double cake,  double wedding bouquet and double couple kissing, that is equal to double fun and happiness.

This double wedding was conceptualized, organized and hosted by Star (oh my starry, starry Star!) 

Holding two wedding ceremonies is possible but it takes a lot more effort than the usual ceremony.  Sometimes, two weddings can indeed be better than one. Here are some tips to make that double wedding a success:

1.  Keep the reception program simple. Stick to the traditional cake cutting, bouquet throwing or just like what Star did, do the trip to jerusalem game instead of bouquet throwing. That way you save more time.

2. Ask the guests politely to not bring small children to give way to the 2 couples special guests. 

3. To cut down on expenses, keep desserts simple. A better way is to have that wedding cake as the dessert.

4.  For favors, consider buying chocolate or candies in bulk. All that needs to be done is wrapping, bagging or boxing it nicely.  

5.  Or hire a wedding planner, consider Occasions of Joy Events Planning and Hosting.

Occasions of Joy offers great wedding coordination package to create a memorable wedding experience for the couple and their guests. Our goal is to inspire couples to think outside the box when it comes to weddings.

With my talented and super kulit friend, Star.

M & S Summer Collection

The Atrium of Shangri-La Mall was transformed last night into a runway as Marks and Spencer released their 2013 Collection.

The male models paraded Blue Harbour, North Coast, and Autograph's line.  With an update on the traditional red, blue and white, Blue Harbour is the go-to brand for pieces that embody that sporty and classic British look. Nautical and tonal stripes, two-colored ginghams and checks are key designs aptly reflected in shirts, polos, and rugbys, while bold color choices of deep reds, graphic whites, and bright blues are brought out in a wide range of tapered chinos. Men can definitely wear color with confidence.

With its tailored designs and slim silhouettes, Autograph delivers the luxury and fresh sophistication that the modern man needs. Embrace the lush Tropics with casual tops in shades of emerald greens complemented by easy-to-wear khakis or opt to take it easy and welcome in the super cool neutral tones of Palm Springs, with a fashionable take on sun-faded colors, whites and greys. Looking sharp and smart will definitely not be a problem this summer in these outfits.

Women celebrate Spring in style from S Woman, Autograph, Classic, Per una, Indigo collection, and Limited collection. Bringing stylish clothes in great value, S Woman embodies the season in timeless hues of brown, white, and black with a pop of red, bright blue, and greens. Autograph collection builds on classic staples such as blouses and jeans, in colors inspired by top summer destinations such as Panama and Indochine. Per Una embodies feminine, vibrant, and passionate femmes who live for the romance and drama of the chic European country. Flattering dresses in floral, staple tops in white and fuschia, in contrast with dark romantics such as violets, gray, and black make up this season’s per una collection.

Perfect for those who leads a busy life, the Indigo collection encapsulates the pretty and well coordinated modern lady of today. Casual wear in wearable fabrics inspired by denim and ethnic inspired prints covers this collection, perfect for women who want to live the easy style on the go. Choose from maxi dresses, jeans in various cuts, and knit wears in fashionable spring colors. Live life with the sexy, edgy, and confident Limited collection. This trendy collection has a wide range of dresses, cardigans, jeans, and accessories perfect whether you are up to dressing up or down. Turn heads in pieces featuring the shades of moss green, whites, blacks, and grays, with a pop of pink, orange, floral, and animal prints.

The dress and blazer I wore for this event is not Marks and Spencer but I wore that night my favorite Marks and Spencer line - the undergarments.

(View more photos HERE)

April 27, 2013

Bloggers Tour at iACADEMY

I always see the sign  iACADEMY while driving along Ayala. I am not familiar with this school although I know it's been there for more than ten years now. With Az , of Azrael's Merryland, invite to tour iACADEMY I immediately said yes because I am curious to learn what this school is all about.

Upon entrance to the reception area, smiling and courteous faces greeted us. Lunch was served prior to talk and tour as we wait for all the invited Bloggers to arrive.

While having lunch, I flipped their brochures and learned that iACADEMY is led by some of the most brilliant minds in business and education. To name a few, Washington Sycip, the founder of SGV, Eusebio Tanco, the president of Asian Terminals Inc. and chairman of Philplans, Philcare, and my idol Teddy Locsin.

After the introductions and tour, iACADEMY inspired me to pursue my passion in Fashion Design and Technology for the following five strong factors: 

1.  High-end facilities which provide conducive and effective learning environment. 

Sewing room

Mac room
2.  Professors are all industry professionals and expert academicians.

3   Classes are a maximum of 30 students per class

4.  They have an internship program, where student interns work full-time with partner companies for at least 960 hours with professionals. This model has resulted in a 98% job placement success rate of iACADEMY graduates to date.

5.  Academic Advising, Coaching, and Enhancement (ACE) Program provides students a support system that helps students adjust to college life, learn, pass the rigors of academic requirements, and enjoy in the process.

(View more photos, HERE)


Mission and Vision: To develop trailblazers and movers by providing a venue for the incubation and realization of ideas through lasting and meaningful partnerships with leading industry players. As pioneer in adult education,develop real-world solutions, and be of service to society.

Established in 2002, its founders, opened doors to 72 students in June 2002 in its premiere location along Ayala Avenue, Makati City. The first 72 students enrolled in BSBA e-Management, BSCS Software Engineering, BSCS Network Engineering, and BSIT Digital Arts. For the succeeding school years, the population increased and so the curricula was enhanced. To better equip its students, a partnership was made with IBM Philippines in June 2003. Two years later, the Computer Science and Information Technology program was granted recognition, with zero deficiency, by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). New courses were offered like BSBA Marketing and Advertising (2004), and BS Animation (2007), which holds partnership with the Cutting Edge Productions. Soon, more courses were offered: AB in Multimedia Arts and Design (2011), and BS Game Development and Programming (2011), which includes developing computer games in both mobile and desktop platforms designed by select members of the International Game Developer Association.

In 2009, WACOM, the world’s leading manufacturer of interactive pen displays, pen tablets, and digital interface solutions, became iACADEMY’s training partner. With this partnership, iACADEMY’s Animation and Multimedia programs have been tremendously enhanced. iACADEMY’s educational services are now at par with prestigious local and international colleges and universities. In 2010, IBM appointed iACADEMY as the first IBM Center of Excellence in the ASEAN Region and the first Lotus Academic Institute. With just eight years of operation, IACADEMY proved to be one of the best training grounds for future IBM professionals. In 2011, iACADEMY opened its BS Fashion Design and Technology program and was chosen by Solar Entertainment Corporation to be the official partner school and workspace of Project Runway Philippines Season 3, the highly coveted fashion design reality TV show that has produced some of the country’s finest fashion designers. 

For inquiries: 889-7777/891-3865/891-3727

April 26, 2013

The Hat That Got Away

Some of the events I cover means meeting actors and models. When I see them wearing those fashionable hats, I always wonder if it's going to look good on me. 
With Aubrey Miles at Vans Off The Wall event

Saw G Toengi not in an event but while buying books
at Fullybooked in Greenhills.

Being a late bloomer, I am slowly reinventing myself so when we went in Baguio, 
I tried on this hat ...

Juancho, as a very sweet and loving son, said, "Mom, it looks bagay on you, buy it na."

I then asked Julia, "okay ba, Ate, does it look good on me?". The shy and soft-spoken Julia replied, "it's nice, Mom.". 

I called on Rafael for his opinion, "El, is it nice?". El said, "oh, yeah, cool, get it".

Di pa din nakuntento..."Dad, what do you think?". John answered me with a question, "gusto mo ba?". Hmmm, we went back in Manila without that hat. 

I'm still wondering though, bagay kaya sa akin that hat that got away? Di naman kaya trying hard magsuot ng hat sa mainit na lugar ng Maynila? 

April 25, 2013

Casa San Pablo - A Place Worth Going Back To

I'm sure parents can relate with me when kids continuously remind that place they want to go back to again, and again, and again. Julia, Rafael and Juan are just like those kids and because it's summer they're wondering when we're going back at Casa San Pablo. 

Casa San Pablo is a place worth going back to...Let me count the many reasons:

First, you get to learn about the history of San Pablo and its vast coconut plantation thru a virtual tour, facilitated by An Alcantara (Casa San Pablo's owner).

Second, kids will be taught to cook Pinoy food, the San Pablo City way,  like ginataan halo-halo, 
inihaw na talong and many more.

Third, enjoy Casa San Pablo's two pools.

Fourth, rest on the hammock sprawled at the center of this huge land.

Fifth, enjoy exchanging family stories, hotdogs and marshmallows during Bonfire night

Fifth, learn clay art


Took clay pottery seriously and created a man and a woman sitting in a heart-shaped pillow

This clay figure I made represents John and I
 And for the most important part, bring home with you great photos  as Casa San Pablo 
is a perfect venue for pictorial for it provides that homey yet elegant surrounding

Casa San Pablo
Barrio San Roque, San Pablo City, Laguna Philippines
Contact Numbers: (0920) 962 4083 (0917) 812 6687  (632) 211 2132
email: info@casasanpablo.com
Website:   http://casasanpablo.com/
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/casasanpablo
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/casasanpablo

How to get there:

Driving to Casa San Pablo was easier for us and took us only about an hour and few minutes because we are familiar with the place.  For  detailed information, check them out  here.

Getting To Casa San Pablo By  Bus.  Take any bus going to Laguna. Get off at San Pablo Medical Center along the highway.  From the Medical Center, take a tricycle to Kay Inay Resort. Casa San Pablo is inside Kay Inay Resort.