April 24, 2013

That Old Summer Dress

The weather news projected that today will be hotter than the previous days. Instead of complaining why not make it a  perfect day by wearing your favorite summer dress.  A perfect summer dress must be light, colorful and breezy. It is a perfect summer dress when you feel good wearing it even when you're bloated. It is a perfect summer dress  when you don't have to hustle to hide the extra weight. It should have that right level of comfort as well as makes you feel fashionable without overdoing it.

Remember, your summer dress can be any color but avoid black and white. Black can be too serious and white can be too prissy. Summer means fun so go ahead buy that perfect summer dress you've been eyeing for so long. Or maybe start digging out your closet for your favorite summer dress.

Here's my most favorite summer dress I bought on sale at Mint at P350, some 4 years ago. I wore it in some of the happiest and most memorable days of my life.  Below are some photos:

By myself, 2013, at Holiday Inn
at Xenical's Rock The Fat Away

With Enchong Dee, 2012
at Ipanema Urban Jungle Show in BGC

With Issa Litton at Edsa Shangri-La Hotel, 2010
Wedding Essentials Magazine Launch

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