April 28, 2013

Double Wedding Tips and Ideas

A double wedding is a double ceremony where two couples, typically a fiancé with a sibling who is also engaged or four close friends, rendezvous for two simultaneous weddings. 

It was my second time to be the Ninang in a wedding but my first time to attend a double wedding ceremony as my friend, Star, asked me to be the Ninang of her sis Anne and brother-in-law Ronnel.  Also to be wed that day is Star's brother, Don  and Maross.

Although not very many Filipinos resort to double wedding due to pamahiin (belief) in sukob, I personally think that this is one of those weddings that is for the record, a joyful one.  Imagine seeing double cake,  double wedding bouquet and double couple kissing, that is equal to double fun and happiness.

This double wedding was conceptualized, organized and hosted by Star (oh my starry, starry Star!) 

Holding two wedding ceremonies is possible but it takes a lot more effort than the usual ceremony.  Sometimes, two weddings can indeed be better than one. Here are some tips to make that double wedding a success:

1.  Keep the reception program simple. Stick to the traditional cake cutting, bouquet throwing or just like what Star did, do the trip to jerusalem game instead of bouquet throwing. That way you save more time.

2. Ask the guests politely to not bring small children to give way to the 2 couples special guests. 

3. To cut down on expenses, keep desserts simple. A better way is to have that wedding cake as the dessert.

4.  For favors, consider buying chocolate or candies in bulk. All that needs to be done is wrapping, bagging or boxing it nicely.  

5.  Or hire a wedding planner, consider Occasions of Joy Events Planning and Hosting.

Occasions of Joy offers great wedding coordination package to create a memorable wedding experience for the couple and their guests. Our goal is to inspire couples to think outside the box when it comes to weddings.

With my talented and super kulit friend, Star.


  1. gone are the days of pamahiin! double the fun with double wedding. :)


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